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to raffle
to rage
to rain
to raise
to ransack
to rat
to ratify
to rave
to raze
to reach
to react
to read
to reason
to rebel
to receive
to recognize
to recommend
to reconcile
to reconcile oneself to
to record on a file
to recover
to recycle
to reduce
to re-elect
to refer
to refer to
to reflect
to reform
to refrain from
to refresh
to refund
to refute
to register
to regret
to regulate
to rehabilitate
to reign
to reinforce
to reject
to relate
to relax
to release
to relegate
to relieve
to relocate
to rely on
to remain
to remedy
to remember
to remove
to renew
to renounce
to rent
to reorganize
to repair
to repeat
to replace
to represent
to repress
to reproach
to reproduce
to require
to rescue
to resemble
to reserve
to resign
to resist
to resort to
to resound
to respect
to rest
to restore
to restrain
to restrain oneself
to restrict
to result
to result in
to resume
to resuscitate
to retain
to retaliate
to retire
to retort
to retreat
to return
to reveal
to revive
to revoke
to reward
to ride a bicycle
to ride a horse
to rinse
to riot
to rise
to risk
to roar
to roast
to rob
to rock
to rocket
to roll
to roll up
to roof
to rot
to rotate
to row
to rub
to ruin
to rule
to rule out
to run
to run over
to rush
to rush forward
to sack
to sacrifice
to sadden
to saddle
to safeguard
to sail
to salt
to sanction
to sand
to satisfy
to save
to saw
to say
to say good-bye
to scan
to scatter
to scrape
to scratch
to scream
to screw
to scrub
to sculpt
to seal
to search
to season
to second
to seduce
to see
to seem
to seize
to select
to sell
to sell on credit
to send
to sense
to sentence
to separate
to serve
to set
to set oneself up as
to set sail
to set the price
to settle
to sew
to shade
to shake
to shake hands
to shake off
to shame
to share
to shave
to shelter
to shine
to shit
to shiver
to shock
to shoot
to shorten
to shout
to show
to shrink
to shrug
to shuffle
to sigh
to sign
to silence
to simplify
to sin
to sing
to sink
to sip
to sit
to sit down
to situate
to skate
to ski
to skin
to skip
to slap
to slap somebody
to sleep
to slide
to slip
to slip away
to slow
to smart
to smash
to smear
to smell
to smile
to smoke
to smooth
to snatch away
to sniff
to sniff out
to snow
to soak
to soap
to soar
to socialize
to soften
to solve
to sound
to sour
to sow
to spare
to sparkle
to speak
to specialize
to specify
to speculate
to spell
to spend
to spill
to spin
to spit
to splash
to spoil
to sponsor
to spread out
to spy
to squeeze
to stab
to stack
to stain
to stammer
to stamp
to stand
to stand out
to start from
to station
to stay
to steal
to steam up
to stew
to stigmatize
to stimulate
to sting
to stink
to stir
to stone
to stop
to store
to straighten
to strain
to stress
to stretch
to strike
to strip
to strive
to structure
to struggle
to study
to stuff
to stumble
to stun
to subjugate
to submit
to subscribe
to subsidize
to subsist
to substitute
to succumb
to suck
to suckle
to sue
to suffer
to suffice
to suffocate
to suggest
to suit
to summarize
to supervise
to supply
to supply oneself with
to support
to suppose
to suppress
to surpass
to surprise
to surrender
to surround
to survive
to suspect
to suspend
to sustain
to suture
to swallow
to swear
to sweat
to sweep
to sweeten
to swell
to swim
to swindle
to swing
to tackle
to take
to take a long time
to take a risk
to take a shower
to take a walk
to take advantage
to take advice
to take an exam
to take away
to take care of
to take charge of
to take drugs
to take in
to take on
to take out
to take part
to take place
to take refuge
to take revenge
to take root
to take shelter
to take the trouble
to take to
to tan
to tangle
to taste
to taste like
to tax
to teach
to tear
to tear into shreds
to tease
to telegraph
to televise
to tempt
to tend to
to tense
to terrify
to thank
to the utmost
to them
to think
to think about
to thrash
to thread
to threaten
to throw
to throw oneself
to throw out sparks
to thunder
to tie
to tie up
to tile
to tilt
to tire
to tire out
to toast
to tolerate
to toll
to topple
to torture
to torture oneself
to touch
to tow
to trace
to track
to trade
to train
to transfer
to translate
to transmit
to transplant
to trap
to travel
to travel through
to tread
to treat
to treble
to trigger
to triumph
to trust
to try
to try to
to tune
to tune in
to turn
to turn around
to turn aside
to turn into
to turn off
to turn over
to turn pale
to turn sour
to turn to
to twist
to type
to underestimate
to undergo
to underline
to understand
to undertake
to undress
to unfold
to unify
to unite
to untie
to update
to urge
to us
to use
to use for the first time
to value
to vanish
to vary
to veil
to ventilate
to verge on
to verify
to veto
to vindicate
to violate
to visit
to volunteer
to vomit
to vote

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