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to identify
to idle
to ignore
to illuminate
to illustrate
to imagine
to imitate
to immobilize
to impede
to impel
to import
to impose
to impress
to imprison
to improve
to incite
to incline
to include
to incorporate
to increase
to increase in value
to incriminate
to incubate
to incur
to indemnify
to indicate
to infect
to inflate
to inflict
to influence
to inform
to infringe
to infuse
to inhabit
to inherit
to initiate
to inject
to injure
to inquire
to inscribe
to insert
to insist
to inspect
to inspire
to install
to instruct
to insult
to integrate
to intend
to intensify
to interact
to interest
to interfere
to interpret
to interrupt
to intersect
to intertwine
to intervene
to interview
to intimidate
to introduce
to introduce oneself
to invade
to invent
to invert
to investigate
to invite
to invoice
to invoke
to involve
to iron
to irritate
to it
to jam
to jingle
to join
to join together
to judge
to jump
to jump around
to just have
to justify
to keep
to kick up a storm
to kidnap
to kill
to kiss
to kneel
to knife
to knit
to knock down
to knot
to know
to know about
to know oneself
to label
to lack
to land
to landscape
to last
to laugh
to lavish
to lead
to lean
to learn
to leave
to lecture
to lend
to lengthen
to let
to level
to libel
to license
to lick
to lie
to lie down
to lift
to light
to lighten
to like
to limit
to limp
to line
to line up
to listen
to live
to load
to loathe
to locate
to lock up
to lodge
to long for
to look
to look at oneself
to look for
to loosen
to lose
to lose weight
to love
to lower
to lower the price of
to lubricate
to make
to make a mistake
to make an attempt
to make sure
to make up one's mind
to make use of
to man
to manage
to maneuver
to manipulate
to march
to mark
to marry
to marvel
to massacre
to massage
to match
to mate
to mature
to me
to mean
to measure
to mediate
to medicate
to meditate
to meet
to melt
to mend one's ways
to mention
to merge
to migrate
to milk
to mince
to mine
to minimize
to mislead
to miss
to mistake
to mix
to mobilize
to mock
to model
to moderate
to modernize
to modify
to mold
to mortgage
to motivate
to mount
to move
to move away
to move back
to multiply
to murder
to murmur
to narrate
to narrow
to neck
to need
to neglect
to negotiate
to nest
to note down
to notice
to notify
to number
to obey
to object
to observe
to obsess
to obstruct
to obtain
to occupy
to occur
to offend
to offer
to omit
to open
to operate
to oppose
to oppress
to opt
to order
to organize
to originate
to oust
to outline
to outrage
to overlap
to overlook
to overthrow
to overturn
to overwhelm
to owe
to pack
to pad
to paint
to pair
to parade
to pardon
to park
to patch
to patent
to patrol
to pave
to pawn
to pay
to pay attention
to pay in installments
to peel
to penetrate
to pepper
to perceive
to perch
to perfect
to perforate
to perfume
to persecute
to persist
to persuade
to phone
to photograph
to pierce
to pile up
to pilot
to pin
to pinch
to place
to place trust in
to plan
to plant
to plaster
to play
to plead
to please
to plot
to plow
to pocket
to poison
to poke
to polish
to populate
to portray
to pose
to possess
to postpone
to pour
to powder
to practice
to praise
to pray
to preach
to precede
to predict
to predispose
to prefer
to prepare
to prescribe
to present
to preside
to press
to presume
to prevail
to prevent
to pride oneself
to print
to proceed
to process
to proclaim
to produce
to profit
to program
to progress
to project
to promise
to promote
to pronounce
to propose
to prosecute
to prosper
to protect
to protect oneself
to protest
to provide
to provoke
to prune
to publish
to pull out
to pump
to puncture
to punish
to push
to put
to put up with
to qualify
to quarrel
to quarter
to question
to quiet
to quit
to quote

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