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to a certain extent
to a large extent
to abandon
to abandon oneself to
to abdicate
to abolish
to abort
to abound
to absent oneself
to absolve
to absorb
to abuse
to accelerate
to accent
to accept
to acclaim
to accommodate
to accompany
to accomplish
to accumulate
to accuse
to accuse of
to accustom
to achieve
to acquire
to act
to activate
to adapt
to adapt oneself
to adapt to
to add
to add sugar
to address
to adhere
to adjust
to admire
to admit
to adopt
to adore
to adorn
to adulterate
to advance
to advertise
to advice
to advise
to affect
to affirm
to afflict
to afford
to age
to agree
to aid
to aim
to air
to alarm
to alert
to allege
to allow
to ally oneself
to alter
to alternate
to amass
to amaze
to ambush
to amend
to amount to
to amuse
to analyze
to anchor
to anguish
to annex
to annihilate
to announce
to annoy
to answer
to anticipate
to apologize
to appeal
to appear
to appease
to applaud
to apply
to apply for
to appoint
to appreciate
to approach
to appropriate
to approve
to arbitrate
to arch
to argue
to arise
to arm
to arouse
to arrange
to arrest
to arrive
to articulate
to ascend
to ask
to ask for
to asphalt
to aspire to
to assault
to assemble
to assent
to assert
to assess
to assign
to assimilate
to associate
to assume
to assure
to attach
to attack
to attempt
to attend
to attenuate
to attest
to attract
to attract somebody's attention
to attribute
to auction
to audit
to authorize
to avenge
to avoid
to award
to back
to bait
to balance
to ban
to bandage
to bar
to bark
to base
to bathe
to be
to be a descendant of
to be able
to be about to
to be afraid
to be amazed
to be ashamed
to be bankrupt
to be based on
to be bored
to be born
to be called
to be careful
to be clear
to be contagious
to be correct
to be entitled
to be equal to
to be fit
to be frightened
to be fulfilled
to be glad
to be going to
to be hungry
to be in a hurry
to be in disguise
to be instrumental in
to be lacking
to be left
to be moved
to be neccessary
to be necessary
to be on sick leave
to be one's turn
to be over-confident
to be pleasing
to be rather
to be right
to be said
to be shocked
to be sorry
to be successful
to be thirsty
to be valued
to be widowed
to be worthwhile
to be years old
to beach
to bear
to bear in mind
to beat
to became invalid
to become
to become clear
to become embarrassed
to become infected
to become sad
to beg
to beget
to begin
to begin to
to behave
to believe
to bellow
to belong
to belong to
to bemoan
to bend
to bend over
to benefit
to besiege
to bet
to betray
to bewitch
to bid
to bind
to bite
to blacken
to blame
to blaspheme
to blaze
to bleed
to bless
to blind
to blink
to block
to bloom
to blow
to blunt
to blush
to boast
to boast about
to boil
to bomb
to bone
to boot
to border
to bore
to bottle
to bounce
to box
to boycott
to brake
to branch
to brandish
to brave
to break
to break down
to breast-feed
to breathe
to breathe in
to breed
to bribe
to bring
to bring closer
to bring nearer
to bring together
to bring up
to bring up to date
to broadcast
to bruise
to brush
to bubble
to bud
to budget
to build
to bulge
to bump into
to burn
to burst
to burst into
to bury
to button
to buy
to buzz
to cable
to cage
to calculate
to calibrate
to call
to call a spade a spade
to calm
to calm down
to camp
to can
to cancel
to captain
to captivate
to capture
to caress
to carry
to carry out
to carve
to catalog
to catch
to catch fire
to cause
to cause a breakdown
to cease
to cede
to celebrate
to censor
to center
to certify
to chain
to challenge
to change
to channel
to chant
to characterize
to charge
to charter
to chase away
to chat
to cheat
to check
to cheer up
to chew
to chip
to choose
to circulate
to claim something for oneself
to clarify
to clash
to classify
to clean
to clear
to climb
to cling
to clip
to clock
to close
to cloud
to code
to codify
to coin
to coincide
to collapse
to collect
to collide
to color
to comb
to combat
to combine
to come
to come across
to come from
to come off
to come out
to come true
to commemorate
to comment
to commit
to commit oneself
to communicate
to compare
to compel
to compensate
to compete
to compile
to complain
to complement
to complement each other
to complete
to complicate
to compose
to compress
to compromise
to compute
to computerize
to conceal
to conceive
to concentrate
to concern
to conclude
to condemn
to condition
to confess
to confine
to confirm
to conform
to confront
to confuse
to congratulate
to connect
to conquer
to consecrate
to consider
to consider oneself
to consign
to consist of
to console
to consolidate
to constitute
to consult
to consume
to contact
to contain
to contaminate
to contemplate
to continue
to contract
to contradict
to contrast
to contribute
to control
to control oneself
to converse
to convert
to convince
to cook
to cool
to cool down
to coordinate
to copy
to corner
to correct
to correspond
to corroborate
to corrode
to corrupt
to cost
to cough
to count
to court
to cover
to crack
to cradle
to crash
to crawl
to creak
to create
to criticize
to cross
to cross out
to crouch
to crowd
to crowd together
to crown
to crumble
to crunch
to crush
to cry
to cultivate
to cure
to curl
to curse
to cut
to cut oneself
to cut to pieces

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