n.1.One who travels; one who has traveled much.
2.A commercial agent who travels for the purpose of receiving orders for merchants, making collections, etc.
3.(Mach.) A traveling crane. See under Crane.
4.(Spinning) The metal loop which travels around the ring surrounding the bobbin, in a ring spinner.
5.(Naut.) An iron encircling a rope, bar, spar, or the like, and sliding thereon.
Traveler's joy
(Bot.) the Clematis vitalba, a climbing plant with white flowers.
Traveler's tree
(Bot.) See Ravenala.
Noun1.traveler - a person who changes location
Synonyms: traveller
absentee, air traveler, air traveller, alien, arrival, arriver, astronaut, bather, bearer, bird of passage, business traveler, carrier, comer, companion, cosmonaut, courier, entrant, fellow traveler, fellow traveller, flier, flyer, follower, footer, foreigner, go, holidaymaker, hosteller, human, individual, jaunt, journey, journeyer, locomote, Marco Polo, messenger, migrant, migrator, mortal, motorcyclist, move, move around, mover, musher, natator, noncitizen, outlander, passenger, pedestrian, person, Polo, rafter, raftman, raftsman, rider, roamer, rover, runner, scourer, somebody, someone, soul, spaceman, swimmer, toter, tourer, tourist, transient, travel, traveller, trekker, trip, visitant, visitor, voyager, walker, wanderer, wayfarer
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