n.1.A net or snare; any thread, web, or string spread for taking prey; - usually in the plural.
v. i.1.To exert strength with pain and fatigue of body or mind, especially of the body, with efforts of some continuance or duration; to labor; to work.
[imp. & p. p. Toiled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Toiling.]
v. t.1.To weary; to overlabor.
2.To labor; to work; - often with out.
[I] toiled out my uncouth passage.
- Milton.
n.1.Labor with pain and fatigue; labor that oppresses the body or mind, esp. the body.
My task of servile toil.
- Milton.
After such bloody toil, we bid good night.
- Shak.
Noun1.Toiltoil - productive work (especially physical work done for wages); "his labor did not require a great deal of skill"
Synonyms: labor, labour
Verb1.toil - work hard; "She was digging away at her math homework"; "Lexicographers drudge all day long"
bait, be employed, birdlime, bola, burden, carry on business, cobweb, cramp, cripple, cumber, dig, dirty work, do business, donkeywork, dragnet, drive, drudge, embarrass, encumber, enmesh, ensnarl, entangle, entoil, entrammel, entrap, entwine, fag, fatigue, fetter, fishhook, fly, follow a trade, gill net, grind, ground bait, grub, hammer, hammer away, hamper, hamstring, handicap, handiwork, handwork, have a job, hobble, hook, impede, industry, involve, jig, keep up, lame, lariat, lasso, lick, lick of work, lime, lumber, lure, manual labor, meshes, moil, moonlight, muck, net, noose, peg, peg away, plod, plug, plug along, plug away, pound away, pound net, practice a profession, press down, purse seine, rat race, saddle with, scut work, seine, set up shop, shackle, slavery, slog, slogging, slop, snare, snarl, sniggle, spadework, spinner, springe, squid, stay employed, stodge, strain, strive, stroke, stroke of work, tangle, task, tiresome work, toils, trammel, transact business, trash, trawl, treadmill, trudge, tug, wade through, weigh down, wobbler, work at, work away, work for
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