n.1.A magical figure cut or engraved under certain superstitious observances of the configuration of the heavens, to which wonderful effects are ascribed; the seal, figure, character, or image, of a heavenly sign, constellation, or planet, engraved on a sympathetic stone, or on a metal corresponding to the star, in order to receive its influence.
2.Hence, something that produces extraordinary effects, esp. in averting or repelling evil; an amulet; a charm; as, a talisman to avert diseases.
Noun1.Talismantalisman - a trinket or piece of jewelry thought to be a protection against evil
Synonyms: amulet
Tracing Authors' rights by Labelling Image Services and Monitoring Access Network [project] (Europe) To dream that you are wearing a talisman, signifies pleasant friends and living the good life. To dream that you lover gives you a talisman, denotes that you will marry successful.amulet, charm, fetish, fylfot, gammadion, good-luck charm, hoodoo, juju, love charm, luck, lucky bean, lucky piece, madstone, mascot, mumbo jumbo, obeah, periapt, philter, phylactery, scarab, scarabaeus, scarabee, sudarium, swastika, veronica, voodoo, whammy, wishbone
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Talinum augustissimum
Talinum aurantiacum
Talinum brevifolium
Talinum calycinum
Talinum paniculatum
Talinum spinescens
talipes calcaneus
talipes equinus
talipes valgus
talipot palm
Talis interpretatio semper fienda est
Talis non est eadem
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