a.1.A variant of Straight.
1.Narrow; not broad.
Strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.
- Matt. vii. 14.
Too strait and low our cottage doors.
- Emerson.
2.Tight; close; closely fitting.
3.Close; intimate; near; familiar.
4.Strict; scrupulous; rigorous.
Some certain edicts and some strait decrees.
- Shak.
The straitest sect of our religion.
- Acts xxvi. 5 (Rev. Ver.).
5.Difficult; distressful; straited.
To make your strait circumstances yet straiter.
- Secker.
6.Parsimonious; niggargly; mean.
adv.1.Strictly; rigorously.
n.1.A narrow pass or passage.
2.(Geog.) A (comparatively) narrow passageway connecting two large bodies of water; - often in the plural; as, the strait, or straits, of Gibraltar; the straits of Magellan; the strait, or straits, of Mackinaw.
3.A neck of land; an isthmus.
A dark strait of barren land.
- Tennyson.
4.Fig.: A condition of narrowness or restriction; doubt; distress; difficulty; poverty; perplexity; - sometimes in the plural; as, reduced to great straits.
For I am in a strait betwixt two.
- Phil. i. 23.
v. t.1.To put to difficulties.
Noun1.strait - a narrow channel of the sea joining two larger bodies of water
Synonyms: sound
2.strait - a bad or difficult situation or state of affairs
Synonyms: straits, pass
Adj.1.strait - strict and severe; "strait is the gate"
angustifoliate, angustirostrate, angustisellate, angustiseptal, arm, armlet, bay, bayou, belt, bight, bind, boca, bottleneck, bound, bounded, box, breakers ahead, canal, cardhouse, cause for alarm, circumscribed, climacteric, close, close-fitting, clutch, complication, conditioned, confined, confining, constricted, contingency, convergence of events, copyrighted, cove, cramp, cramped, creek, crisis, critical juncture, critical point, crossroads, crowded, crucial period, crunch, danger, dangerous ground, defile, demanding, difficult, disciplined, embarrassing position, embarrassment, emergency, endangerment, estuary, euripus, exacting, exigency, extremity, fine how-do-you-do, finite, fjord, frith, gaping chasm, gathering clouds, gulf, gut, harbor, hazard, hell to pay, hinge, hobble, hot water, house of cards, how-do-you-do, imbroglio, imperilment, incapacious, incommodious, inlet, isthmian, isthmic, isthmus, jam, jeopardy, kyle, limited, limiting, loch, meager, menace, mess, mix, moderated, morass, mouth, narrow, narrow seas, narrows, natural harbor, near, neck, parlous straits, pass, patented, peril, perplexity, pickle, pinch, plight, prescribed, pretty pass, pretty pickle, pretty predicament, proscribed, push, quagmire, qualified, quicksand, reach, restricted, restricting, rigorous, risk, road, roads, roadstead, rocks ahead, rub, scant, scanty, scrape, slender, slough, sound, spot, squeeze, stew, sticky wicket, storm clouds, straitened, straits, swamp, thin ice, threat, throat, tight, tight spot, tight squeeze, tightrope, tricky spot, turn, turning, turning point, unholy mess
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