Sta`tis´tics   Pronunciation: stå`tĭs´tĭks
n.1.The science which has to do with the collection, classification, and analysis of facts of a numerical nature regarding any topic.
2.(Sport) Classified facts of a numerical nature regarding any topic.
3.The branch of mathematics which studies methods for the calculation of probabilities.
Noun1.statistics - a branch of applied mathematics concerned with the collection and interpretation of quantitative data and the use of probability theory to estimate population parameters
(statistics, mathematics)statistics - The practice, study or result of the application of mathematical functions to collections of data in order to summarise or extrapolate that data.

The subject of statistics can be divided into descriptive statistics - describing data, and analytical statistics - drawing conclusions from data.
actuary, analysis of variance, ANOVA, applied math, applied mathematics, arithmetic mean, average, Bayes' postulate, Bayes' theorem, bell-shaped curve, Bernoulli distribution, Bernoulli's law, bimodal, binomial distribution, binomial theorem, biometrics, biometry, biserial correlation, biserial correlation coefficient, centile, chance-half correlation, coefficient of concordance, coefficient of correlation, correlation, correlation coefficient, correlation matrix, correlation table, correlational analysis, correlational statistics, covariance, cross section, curvilinear correlation, curvilinear regression, decile, degree of freedom, demographic, dependent variable, deviation, direct correlation, distribution, distribution free statistic, expectation, expected value, experimental variable, factor analysis, first moment, first-order correlation, fourfold point correlation, frequency distribution, Gaussian curve, Gaussian distribution, Gaussian shape, geometric mean, grab sample, harmonic mean, independent variable, indirect correlation, information theory, Kendall partial rank correlation, Kendall rank correlation, Kendall test, Kendall's tau, law of large numbers, least squares, linear regression, mean, mean deviation, mean deviation from the mean, mean value, median, median value, method of least squares, modal value, mode, moment, multicollinearity, multiple correlation, multiple correlation coefficient, multiple regression, multivariate analysis, negative correlation, nonlinear correlation, nonparametric, nonparametric statistic, nonparametric statistics, nonsignificant, norm, normal curve, normal distribution, outlier, parametric statistic, partial correlation, Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient, percentile, phi coefficient, phi correlation, Poisson distribution, population, positive correlation, predictor variable, probability theory, product-moment correlation coefficient, proportional sample, quartile, random sample, rank-difference correlation, rank-difference correlation coefficient, rank-order correlation, rank-order correlation coefficient, rectilinear regression, regression, regression analysis, regression coefficient, regression curve, regression equation, regression line, regression of y on x, regression toward the mean, representative sample, sample, sample distribution, sampling, second moment, significant, simple regression, skew correlation, split-half correlation, spurious correlation, standard deviation, statistic, statistical distribution, statistical method, statistical procedure, statistical regression, statistician, stratified sample, subpopulation, tau coefficient of correlation, tetrachoric correlation, tetrachoric correlation coefficient, time series, unimodal, universe, variance, vital statistics, weight, weighting
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