n.1.Species; kind.
Abstain you from all evil spice.
- Wyclif (1. Thess,v. 22).
2.A vegetable production of many kinds, fragrant or aromatic and pungent to the taste, as pepper, cinnamon, nutmeg, mace, allspice, ginger, cloves, etc., which are used in cookery and to flavor sauces, pickles, etc.
Hast thou aught in thy purse [bag] any hot spices?
- Piers Plowman.
3.Figuratively, that which enriches or alters the quality of a thing in a small degree, as spice alters the taste of food; that which gives zest or pungency; a slight flavoring; a relish; hence, a small quantity or admixture; a sprinkling; as, a spice of mischief.
So much of the will, with a spice of the willful.
- Coleridge.
v. t.1.To season with spice, or as with spice; to mix aromatic or pungent substances with; to flavor; to season; as, to spice wine; to spice one's words with wit.
[imp. & p. p. Spiced ; p. p. & vb. n. Spicing .]
2.To fill or impregnate with the odor of spices.
3.To render nice or dainty; hence, to render scrupulous.
Noun1.spice - aromatic substances of vegetable origin used as a preservative
2.spice - any of a variety of pungent aromatic vegetable substances used for flavoring food
3.spice - the property of being seasoned with spice and so highly flavored
Synonyms: spicery, spiciness
Verb1.spice - make more interesting or flavorful; "Spice up the evening by inviting a belly dancer"
Synonyms: spice up
2.spice - add herbs or spices to
Synonyms: spice up, zest
Simulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis To dream of spice, suggests your need for variety in your life. You need to look at a situation/relationship from a different perspective/angle.Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, allspice, anchovies, angelica, applesauce, aroma, balm, balminess, basil, bell pepper, bite, black pepper, borage, bouquet, briskness, burnet, caper, capsicum, caraway seeds, cardamom, cast, catsup, celery salt, chervil, chili, chili sauce, chili vinegar, chives, chutney, cinnamon, cloves, color, condiment, condiments, coriander, cranberry sauce, cubeb, cumin, curry, dahl sauce, dash, dill, dillseed, duck sauce, elan, enliven, excitement, fagara, fennel, file, five spice powder, flavor, flavorer, flavoring, fragrance, fragrancy, fruitiness, garlic, garlic butter, garlic powder, garlic salt, ginger, green pepper, gusto, guts, hedge garlic, herb, hint, horseradish, hotness, hyssop, incense, infusion, inkling, inspirit, interest, intimation, invigorate, kick, leek, lick, life, liveliness, mace, marinade, marjoram, mayonnaise, mint, muskiness, mustard, nip, nippiness, nosegay, nutmeg, odor, onion, onion salt, oregano, paprika, parsley, pep, pepper, peppercorn, pepperiness, peppermint, perfume, piccalilli, pickle, pimento, pimpernel, piquancy, poignancy, potherb, punch, pungency, raciness, radish, red pepper, redolence, relish, saffron, sage, salad dressing, salt, sauce, sauce-alone, savor, savory, scent, season, seasoned salt, seasoner, seasoning, sesame oil, sesame seeds, shade, shallot, sharpness, smack, smell, snap, snappiness, soupcon, soy, soy sauce, spiciness, spirit, sprinkling, star anise, stimulant, stimulate, stimulation, suggestion, suspicion, sweet savor, sweet smell, taint, tang, tanginess, tarragon, tartar sauce, taste, tempering, thought, thyme, tinct, tincture, tinge, tint, tomato paste, touch, trace, turmeric, vanilla, vestige, vigor, vim, vinegar, white pepper, zest, zestfulness, zip
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