a.1.That slides or slips; gliding; moving smoothly.
2.Slippery; elusory.
That sliding science hath me made so bare.
- Chaucer.
Sliding friction
(Mech.) the resistance one body meets with in sliding along the surface of another, as distinguished from rolling friction.
Sliding gunter
(Naut.) a topmast arranged with metallic fittings so as to be hoisted and lowered by means of halyards.
Sliding keel
(Naut) a movable keel, similar to a centeboard.
Sliding pair
(Mech.) See the Note under Pair, n., 7.
Sliding rule
Same as Slide rule, under Slide, n.
Sliding scale
a - A scale for raising or lowering imposts in proportion to the fall or rise of prices
b - A variable scale of wages or of prices
c - A slide rule.
Sliding ways
(Naut.) the timber guides used in launching a vessel.
Adj.1.sliding - being a smooth continuous motion
coasting, coming apart, cracking, crumbling, decadent, declining, degenerate, deteriorating, disintegrating, draining, drooping, dwindling, ebbing, effete, fading, failing, falling, flagging, flow, flowing, fragmenting, glide, gliding, going to pieces, languishing, marcescent, pining, regressive, retrograde, retrogressive, sailing, shriveling, sinking, skating, skiing, skim, sledding, slide, slipping, slither, slithering, slumping, subsiding, sweep, sweeping, tabetic, tobogganing, waning, wasting, wilting, withering, worsening
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