n.1.(Zool.) Any one of numerous species of marine bivalve mollusks of the genus Pecten and allied genera of the family Pectinidæ. The shell is usually radially ribbed, and the edge is therefore often undulated in a characteristic manner. The large adductor muscle of some the species is much used as food. One species (Vola Jacobæus) occurs on the coast of Palestine, and its shell was formerly worn by pilgrims as a mark that they had been to the Holy Land. Called also fan shell. See Pecten, 2.
2.One of series of segments of circles joined at their extremities, forming a border like the edge or surface of a scallop shell.
3.One of the shells of a scallop; also, a dish resembling a scallop shell.
v. t.1.To mark or cut the edge or border of into segments of circles, like the edge or surface of a scallop shell. See Scallop, n., 2.
[imp. & p. p. Scalloped ; p. pr. & vb. n. Scalloping.]
2.(Cookery) To bake in scallop shells or dishes; to prepare with crumbs of bread or cracker, and bake. See Scalloped oysters, below.
Noun1.scallop - one of a series of rounded projections (or the notches between them) formed by curves along an edge (as the edge of a leaf or piece of cloth or the margin of a shell or a shriveled red blood cell observed in a hypertonic solution etc.)
2.scallop - edible muscle of mollusks having fan-shaped shells; served broiled or poached or in salads or cream sauces
Synonyms: escallop, scollop
3.scallop - thin slice of meat (especially veal) usually fried or broiled
Synonyms: cutlet, escallop, scollop
4.scallop - edible marine bivalve having a fluted fan-shaped shell that swim by expelling water from the shell in a series of snapping motions
Synonyms: escallop, scollop
Verb1.scallop - decorate an edge with scallops; "the dress had a scalloped skirt"
2.scallop - form scallops in; "scallop the meat"
Synonyms: scollop
3.scallop - fish for scallops
Synonyms: scollop
4.scallop - shape or cut in scallops; "scallop the hem of the dress"
Synonyms: scollop
(language, history)SCALLOP - A medium-level language for CDC computers, used to bootstrap the first Pascal compiler.
Dungeness crab, Japanese crab, Vandyke, Vandyke edge, armadillo shell, bake, barbecue, baste, blanch, blaze, blue point, boil, braise, brew, broil, brown, chiton, chop, clam, clam shell, cockleshell, cockscomb, cocoa shell, coddle, conch, contort, cook, coquillage, corkscrew, cowrie, crab, crawdad, crawfish, crayfish, crenation, crenelation, crenellate, crenulate, crenulation, crest, crimp, crinkle, curry, cut, deckle edge, denticulation, dentil, dentil band, devil, do, do to perfection, dogtooth, eggshell, fire, fricassee, frizz, frizzle, fry, gash, griddle, grill, heat, incise, indent, intort, jag, knurl, langouste, limpet, littleneck clam, lobster, machicolate, meander, mill, mussel, nick, notch, notching, nutshell, oven-bake, oyster, oyster shell, pan, pan-broil, parboil, periwinkle, picot, pink, poach, prawn, prepare, prepare food, quahog, rickrack, roast, saute, saw, saw teeth, scarify, score, scotch, screw, sea shell, sear, serpentine, serrate, serration, shellfish, shirr, shrimp, simmer, slash, slink, snail, snake, soft-shell crab, steam, steamer, stew, stir-fry, swirl, toast, tooth, turn, twine, twirl, twist, twist and turn, whelk, whirl, whorl, wind, winkle, worm, wring
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