n.1.(Anat.) One of the curved bones attached to the vertebral column and supporting the lateral walls of the thorax.
2.(Shipbuilding) That which resembles a rib in form or use.
3.(Bot.) The chief nerve, or one of the chief nerves, of a leaf.
4.(Arch.) In Gothic vaulting, one of the primary members of the vault. These are strong arches, meeting and crossing one another, dividing the whole space into triangles, which are then filled by vaulted construction of lighter material. Hence, an imitation of one of these in wood, plaster, or the like.
5.(Mining) Solid coal on the side of a gallery; solid ore in a vein.
6.A wife; - in allusion to Eve, as made out of Adam's rib.
Chuck rib
a cut of beef immediately in front of the middle rib. See Chuck.
Fore ribs
a cut of beef immediately in front of the sirloin.
Middle rib
a cut of beef between the chuck rib and the fore ribs.
Rib grass
(Bot.) Same as Ribwort.
v. t.1.To furnish with ribs; to form with rising lines and channels; as, to rib cloth.
[imp. & p. p. Ribbed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Ribbing.]
2.To inclose, as with ribs, and protect; to shut in.
To rib land
to leave strips of undisturbed ground between the furrows in plowing.
Noun1.rib - support resembling the rib of an animal
2.rib - any of the 12 pairs of curved arches of bone extending from the spine to or toward the sternum in humans (and similar bones in most vertebrates)
Synonyms: costa
3.rib - cut of meat including one or more ribs
4.rib - a teasing remark
5.rib - a riblike supporting or strengthening part of an animal or plant
6.rib - a projecting molding on the underside of a vault or ceiling; may be ornamental or structural
Verb1.rib - form vertical ribs by knitting; "A ribbed sweater"
2.rib - subject to laughter or ridicule; "The satirists ridiculed the plans for a new opera house"; "The students poked fun at the inexperienced teacher"; "His former students roasted the professor at his 60th birthday"
To see ribs in your dream, symbolizes poverty and misery.Chateaubriand, banter, better half, bilge, blade roast, blain, bleb, blister, blob, boss, bow, breast, brisket, bubble, bulb, bulge, bulla, bump, bunch, burl, button, cahot, chaff, chine, chuck, chuck roast, clod, clump, cold cuts, common-law wife, concubine, condyle, convex, dowel, ear, feme, feme covert, filet mignon, flange, flank, flap, fool, fun, gall, gnarl, goodwife, goody, handle, haze, helpmate, helpmeet, hill, hump, hunch, jape, jest, jive, jog, joggle, joke, jolly, josh, kid, knob, knot, knuckle, knur, knurl, lady, lip, loin, loop, lump, married woman, matron, mole, mountain, needle, nevus, nub, nubbin, nubble, old lady, old woman, papilloma, peg, plate, plate piece, pot roast, put on, rack, rag, rally, razz, rib roast, ribs, ride, ridge, ring, roast, rolled roast, round, rump, rump roast, saddle, shank, short ribs, shoulder, shoulder clod, sirloin, spine, squaw, stud, style, tab, tease, tenderloin, tubercle, tubercule, twit, verruca, vesicle, wale, wart, wedded wife, welt, wife, woman
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