n.1.A color formed by, or resembling that formed by, a combination of the primary colors red and blue.
2.Cloth dyed a purple color, or a garment of such color; especially, a purple robe, worn as an emblem of rank or authority; specifically, the purple rode or mantle worn by Roman emperors as the emblem of imperial dignity; as, to put on the imperial purple.
3.Hence: Imperial sovereignty; royal rank, dignity, or favor; loosely and colloquially, any exalted station; great wealth.
4.A cardinalate. See Cardinal.
5.(Zool.) Any species of large butterflies, usually marked with purple or blue, of the genus Basilarchia (formerly Limenitis) as, the banded purple (Basilarchia arthemis). See Illust. under Ursula.
6.(Zool.) Any shell of the genus Purpura.
7.(Med.) See Purpura.
8.A disease of wheat. Same as Earcockle.
French purple
(Chem.) Same as Cudbear.
Purple of Cassius
See Cassius.
Purple of mollusca
(Zool.) a coloring matter derived from certain mollusks, which dyes wool, etc., of a purple or crimson color, and is supposed to be the substance of the famous Tyrian dye. It is obtained from Ianthina, and from several species of Purpura, and Murex.
To be born in the purple
to be of princely birth; to be highborn.
a.1.Exhibiting or possessing the color called purple, much esteemed for its richness and beauty; of a deep red, or red and blue color; as, a purple robe.
2.Imperial; regal; - so called from the color having been an emblem of imperial authority.
Hide in the dust thy purple pride.
- Shelley.
3.Blood-red; bloody.
May such purple tears be alway shed.
- Shak.
I view a field of blood,
And Tiber rolling with a purple blood.
- Dryden.
Purple bird
(Zool.) the European purple gallinule. See under Gallinule.
Purple copper ore
(Min.) See Bornite.
Purple grackle
(Zool.) the crow blackbird. See under Crow.
Purple martin
See under Martin.
Purple sandpiper
See under Sandpiper.
Purple shell
See Ianthina.
v. t.1.To make purple; to dye of purple or deep red color; as, hands purpled with blood.
[imp. & p. p. Purpled ; p. pr. & vb. n. Purpling.]
Noun1.Purplepurple - a chromatic color between red and blue
2.purple - of imperial status; "he was born to the purple"
Verb1.purple - become purple
2.purple - color purple
Synonyms: empurple, purpurate
Adj.1.purple - of a color midway between red and blue
Synonyms: purplish, violet
2.purple - excessively elaborate or showily expressed; "a writer of empurpled literature"; "many purple passages"; "speech embellished with classical quotations"; "an over-embellished story of the fish that got away"
3.purple - belonging to or befitting a supreme ruler; "golden age of imperial splendor"; "purple tyrant"; "regal attire"; "treated with royal acclaim"; "the royal carriage of a stag's head"
Mars violet, Tyrian purple, adorned, amethyst, amethystine, befrilled, blue, bombastic, broad, cap of dignity, cap of maintenance, clematis, colored, coronet, crown, dahlia, damson, decorated, diadem, dynastic, embellished, embroidered, ermine, fancy, festooned, figurative, figured, florid, flowery, fuchsia, grape, great seal, heliotrope, high-flown, hyacinth, imperatorial, imperatorious, imperial, imperial purple, imperious, kinglike, kingly, lavender, lilac, livid, lividity, lividness, lush, luxuriant, magenta, majestic, mallow, mauve, monarchal, monarchial, monarchic, monsignor, mulberry, off-color, orb, orchid, ornate, overblown, overcharged, overloaded, pansy, pansy violet, pansy-purple, plum, plum-colored, plum-purple, pompous, pontiff purple, princelike, princely, privy seal, purple pall, purpleness, purplescent, purpliness, purplish, purplishness, purply, purpurate, purpure, purpureal, purpurean, purpureous, queenlike, queenly, racy, raisin-colored, regal, regal purple, regalia, robe of state, rod, rod of empire, royal, royal crown, royal purple, salty, scepter, seal, shady, signet, solferino, sovereign, spicy, stilted, suggestive, tiara, triple plume, turgid, uraeus, violaceous, violet, wicked, wine purple
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