public house

Noun1.public housepublic house - tavern consisting of a building with a bar and public rooms; often provides light meals
alehouse, bar, barrel house, barroom, beer garden, beer parlor, bistro, blind tiger, boardinghouse, cabaret, cafe, cocktail lounge, dive, dorm, dormitory, doss house, dramshop, drinkery, drinking saloon, fleabag, flophouse, gin mill, groggery, grogshop, guest house, honky-tonk, hospice, hostel, hostelry, hotel, inn, local, lodge, lodging house, nightclub, ordinary, pension, posada, pothouse, pub, public, rathskeller, roadhouse, rooming house, rummery, rumshop, saloon, saloon bar, speakeasy, taproom, tavern, wine shop
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