a.1.Invested with a privilege; enjoying a peculiar right, advantage, or immunity.
Privileged communication
a - (Law) A communication which can not be disclosed without the consent of the party making it, - such as those made by a client to his legal adviser, or by persons to their religious or medical advisers
b - A communication which does not expose the party making it to indictment for libel, - such as those made by persons communicating confidentially with a government, persons consulted confidentially as to the character of servants, etc.
Privileged debts
(Law) those to which a preference in payment is given out of the estate of a deceased person, or out of the estate of an insolvent.
Privileged witnesses
(Law) witnesses who are not obliged to testify as to certain things, as lawyers in relation to their dealings with their clients, and officers of state as to state secrets; also, by statute, clergymen and physicans are placed in the same category, so far as concerns information received by them professionally.
- Wharton.
Adj.1.privileged - blessed with privileges; "the privileged few"
underprivileged - lacking the rights and advantages of other members of society
2.privileged - not subject to usual rules or penalties; "a privileged statement"
3.privileged - confined to an exclusive group; "privy to inner knowledge"; "inside information"; "privileged information"
Synonyms: inner, inside
admitted, advantaged, auricular, authorized, between us, chartered, confidential, elite, empowered, enfranchised, entitled, esoteric, excepted, excused, exempt, exempted, favored, franchised, honored, hush-hush, immune, in petto, indulged, inside, irresponsible, let off, licensed, not for publication, off the record, patented, permitted, powerful, private, privy, protected, released, restricted, rich, ruling, sanctioned, sealed, secret, spared, special, unaccountable, unanswerable, under privilege, unliable, unpublishable, unsubject, warranted, wealthy
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