n.1.(Bot.) A large North American herb of the genus Phytolacca (Phytolacca decandra), bearing dark purple juicy berries; - called also garget, pigeon berry, pocan, and pokeweed. The root and berries have emetic and purgative properties, and are used in medicine. The young shoots are sometimes eaten as a substitute for asparagus, and the berries are said to be used in Europe to color wine.
1.A bag; a sack; a pocket.
They wallowed as pigs in a poke.
- Chaucer.
2.A long, wide sleeve; - called also poke sleeve.
To boy a pig a poke
that is, in a bag), to buy a thing without knowledge or examination of it.
- Camden.
v. t.1.To thrust or push against or into with anything pointed; hence, to stir up; to excite; as, to poke a fire.
[imp. & p. p. Poked ; p. pr. & vb. n. Poking.]
He poked John, and said "Sleepest thou ?"
- Chaucer.
2.To thrust with the horns; to gore.
3.To put a poke on; as, to poke an ox.
To poke fun
to excite fun; to joke; to jest.
To poke fun at
to make a butt of; to ridicule.
v. i.1.To search; to feel one's way, as in the dark; to grope; as, to poke about.
n.1.The act of poking; a thrust; a jog; as, a poke in the ribs.
2.A lazy person; a dawdler; also, a stupid or uninteresting person.
3.A contrivance to prevent an animal from leaping or breaking through fences. It consists of a yoke with a pole inserted, pointed forward.
Poke bonnet
a bonnet with a straight, projecting front.
Noun1.Pokepoke - tall coarse perennial American herb having small white flowers followed by blackish-red berries on long drooping racemes; young fleshy stems are edible; berries and root are poisonous
2.Pokepoke - a bag made of paper or plastic for holding customer's purchases
3.poke - a sharp hand gesture (resembling a blow); "he warned me with a jab with his finger"; "he made a thrusting motion with his fist"
4.Pokepoke - (boxing) a blow with the fist; "I gave him a clout on his nose"
Synonyms: biff, punch, lick, clout
Verb1.poke - poke or thrust abruptly; "he jabbed his finger into her ribs"
Synonyms: jab, prod, stab, dig
2.poke - search or inquire in a meddlesome way; "This guy is always nosing around the office"
Synonyms: nose, pry
3.poke - stir by poking; "poke the embers in the fireplace"
4.poke - hit hard with the hand, fist, or some heavy instrument; "the salesman pounded the door knocker"; "a bible-thumping Southern Baptist"
Synonyms: pound, thump
5.poke - make a hole by poking
poke - The BASIC command to write a value to an absolute address.

See peek.
Roman candle, aid to navigation, alarm, amber light, amble, arouse, assault, awaken, bag, balefire, balloon, bang, bash, bat, beacon, beacon fire, bear, bear upon, bearing, beat the bushes, beat the drum, beating, beetle, bell, bell buoy, belt, biff, billfold, bladder, blinker, blockhead, blow, blue peter, bonk, boost, box, buck, buffet, bull, bulldoze, bump, bump against, bunt, buoy, burrow, busybody, butt, butt against, butt in, caution light, chaff, chop, chump, clap, claudicate, clip, clobber, clout, clump, coldcock, come in contact, crack, cram, crawl, creep, crowd, cuff, cut, cut and thrust, dally, dash, dawdle, deal, deal a blow, deck, delve, diddle, dig, dillydally, dimwit, dint, dip, dogtrot, dolt, doodle, dope, drag, drag along, drag out, drive, drub, drubbing, drumming, dumbbell, elbow, exchange colors, excite, explore, feel, feel of, feint, fetch, fetch a blow, finger, flag, flag down, flail at, flail away at, flare, flash, flick, flog, fob, fog bell, fog signal, fog whistle, foghorn, forage, force, frisk, fusillade, galvanize, give a signal, give the nod, glance, go dead slow, go light, go slow, go through, goad, gong buoy, green light, hail, hail and speak, half-mast, handbag, handle, head, heliograph, high sign, hit, hit a clip, hit at, hobble, hoist a banner, hunt, hurtle, hustle, idiot, idle, ignoramus, inch, inch along, interfere, international alphabet flag, international numeral pennant, intrude, investigate, jab, jam, jeer at, jog, jog-trot, joggle, jolt, jostle, jut, kick, kid, knock, knock cold, knock down, knock out, lag, lash, lash out at, laze, leer, let drive at, let fly at, let have it, lick, limp, linger, loiter, lollygag, look around, look round, look through, lunge at, make a sign, make fun of, manipulate, marker beacon, meddle, mock, money belt, money clip, moron, mosey, mouse, needle, nod, nose, nose around, nudge, overhang, palm, palpate, parachute flare, paste, paw, pelt, piddle, pile drive, pilot flag, plunk, ply, pocket, pocketbook, poke along, poke around, poke at, poke fun at, police whistle, porte-monnaie, pouch, pound, pout, press, pressure, prick, probe, procrastinate, prod, project, protrude, provoke, pry, purse, purse strings, push, put off, quarantine flag, quicken, radio beacon, raise a cry, ram, ram down, rap, rattle, red flag, red light, research, rib, ridicule, rocket, root, rouse, run, run against, sac, sack, sailing aid, salute, saunter, search, search through, semaphore, semaphore flag, semaphore telegraph, send up, shake, shoulder, shove, shuffle along, sign, signal, signal beacon, signal bell, signal fire, signal flag, signal gong, signal gun, signal lamp, signal light, signal mast, signal post, signal rocket, signal shot, signal siren, signal tower, signalize, slam, slog, slug, smack, smash, smell around, smite, snap, snook, snoop, soak, sock, sound an alarm, sound the trumpet, spank, spar buoy, speak, spur, stagger along, stand out, stick, stick out, stimulate, sting, stir, stop light, stress, strike, strike at, strike out at, stroke, stroll, swat, swing, swing at, swing on, swipe, tamp, tamper, tap, tarry, tattoo, taunt, tease, the nod, the wink, thrust at, thumb, thump, thwack, toddle, toddle along, totter along, touch, traffic light, traffic signal, trail, traipse, twiddle, twit, unfurl a flag, waddle, walk, wallet, wallop, watch fire, wave, wave a flag, wave the hand, whack, wham, whip, white flag, whop, wield, wigwag, wigwag flag, wink, worm, worm along, yellow flag, yerk
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