n.1.The act of bringing forth, or being delivered of, young; the act of giving birth; delivery; childbirth.
2.That which is brought forth; a birth.
Noun1.Parturitionparturition - the process of giving birth

PARTURITION. The act of giving birth to a child.
     2. Sometimes questions arise how far means may be employed to promote parturition, which cause, or are likely to cause others in relation to it, but merely for his own share, and to the extent of his own several right and interest.
     3. In joint tenancy of goods or chattels, it is true the joint tenants are [?] per my et per toitt, but still each one has an independent, and to a certain extent a distinct right during his lifetime, which he can dispose of and sever the tenancy.
     3. Tenants in common hold undivided portions of the, property by several titles, or in several rights, although by one title. Their possession, however, they hold in common and undivided. Whereas, in partnerships, the partners are joint owners of the property, and each has a right to sell or dispose of the whole, unless otherwise provided for in the articles of partnership. Colly. Partn. 86; Wats. Partn. 66; Story Partn. Sec. 91.
     4. At common law, etch of the owners of a chattel has an equal title and right to possess and use it; and in the case of common chattels the law has generally, left this right to the free discretion of the several owners, but in regard to ships, the common law has adopted and followed out the doctrine of the courts of admiralty. It authorizes the majority in value and interest to employ the ship upon any probable design. This is done, not without guarding the rights, of the minority: When the majority desire to employ a ship upon any particular voyage or adventure, they have a right to do so, upon giving security by stipulation to the minority, if required, to bring back and restore the ship to them, or in case of her loss, to pay them the value of their shares. Abbott, Ship. 70; 3 Kent, Com. 151, 4th ed.; 2 Bro. Civ. Law, 131; Molloy, B. 2, c. 1, Sec. 3; 2 Pet. Adm. R. 288, Story, Partn. 428; 11 Pet. R. 175. When the majority do not choose to employ the ship, the minority have, the same right, upon 'vi" similar security. 11 Pet. R. 175; I Hagg. Ad. R. 306; Jacobi. Sea Laws, 442.
    6. When part owners are equally divided as to the employment, upon any particular voyage, the courts of admiralty, have manifested a disposition to support the right of the court to order a sale of the ship. Story, Partn. Sec. 439; Bee's Adm. R. 12 i Gilpin, R. 10; 18 Am. Jur. 486.

PARTURITION. Tho act of giving birth to a child
     2. Sometimes questions arise bow far means may be employed to promote parturition, which cause, or are likely to cause, the death of the foetus. These means, in cases of deformed pelvis, are abortion in the early months, by embryotomy, by symphysotomy, and by the Caesarian section. These means are justifiable to save the life of the mother, and sometimes some of them have saved the lives of both. Vide Caesarian operation; Delivery; Pregnancy.

accouchement, babyhood, bearing, beginnings, birth, birth throes, birthing, blessed event, childbearing, childbed, childbirth, childhood, confinement, cradle, delivery, freshman year, genesis, giving birth, hatching, having a baby, inception, inchoation, incipience, incipiency, incunabula, infancy, labor, multiparity, nascence, nascency, nativity, origin, origination, pregnancy, the Nativity, the stork, travail, youth
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