n.1.A long vehicle, having seats for many people; a bus.
2.(Glass Making) A sheet-iron cover for articles in a leer or annealing arch, to protect them from drafts.
3.(Printing) A volume containing collected and reprinted works of a single author or on a single theme.
a.1.Pertaining to or dealing with a variety of topics at one time; as, omnibus legislation; an omnibus budget bill.
Omnibus bill
a large box in a theater, on a level with the stage and having communication with it.
- Thackeray.
Noun1.omnibus - an anthology of articles on a related subject or an anthology of the works of a single author
2.Omnibusomnibus - a vehicle carrying many passengers; used for public transport; "he always rode the bus to work"
Adj.1.omnibus - providing for many things at once; "an omnibus law"
Festschrift, absolute, across-the-board, aggregate, album, all, all-comprehensive, all-embracing, all-encompassing, all-inclusive, all-out, all-pervading, ana, analects, anthology, autobus, beauties, blanket, born, broad-based, bus, cab, canon, chartered bus, chrestomathy, clean, clear, collectanea, collected works, collection, compendious, compilation, complete, complete works, comprehensive, congenital, consummate, deep-dyed, delectus, diligence, double-decker, downright, dyed-in-the-wool, egregious, encyclopedic, entire, exhaustive, florilegium, flowers, garden, garland, global, gross, hack, hired car, holistic, inclusive, integral, integrated, intensive, jitney, mail coach, miscellanea, miscellany, motor coach, motorbus, omnipresent, one, one and indivisible, out-and-out, outright, over-all, panoramic, perfect, pervasive, photograph album, plain, plumb, post coach, posy, pure, quotation book, radical, regular, scrapbook, sheer, stage, stagecoach, straight, sweeping, symposium, synoptic, taxi, taxicab, thorough, thoroughgoing, through-and-through, total, ubiquitous, unconditional, universal, unmitigated, unqualified, unreserved, unrestricted, utter, veritable, whole, wholesale, without exception, without omission
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Omne actum ab intentione agentis est judicandum
Omne crimen ebrietas et incendit et detegit
Omne magis dignum trahit ad se minus dignum sit antiquius
Omne magnum exemplum habet aliquid ex iniquio
Omne majus continet in se minus
Omne majus minus in se complecitur
Omne sacramentum debet esse de certa scientia
Omne testamentum morte consummatum est
Omnia delicta in aperto leviora sunt
Omnia performavit
Omnia praesumuntur contra spoliatorem
Omnia praesumuntur legitime facta donec probetur in contrarium
Omnia praesumuntur rite esse acta
Omnia praesumuntur solemniter esse acta
Omnia quae sunt uxoris sunt ipsius viri
-- Omnibus --
Omnibus bill
omnidirectional antenna
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