Mo´bile   Pronunciation: mō´bĭl; L. mǒb´ĭ`lē
a.1.Capable of being moved; not fixed in place or condition; movable.
2.Characterized by an extreme degree of fluidity; moving or flowing with great freedom; as, benzine and mercury are mobile liquids; - opposed to viscous, viscoidal, or oily.
3.Easily moved in feeling, purpose, or direction; excitable; changeable; fickle.
The quick and mobile curiosity of her disposition.
- Hawthorne.
4.Changing in appearance and expression under the influence of the mind; as, mobile features.
5.(Physiol.) Capable of being moved, aroused, or excited; capable of spontaneous movement.
6.Capable of moving readily, or moving frequenty from place to place; as, a mobile work force.
7.Having motor vehicles to permit movement from place to place; as, a mobile library; a mobile hospital.
n.1.The mob; the populace.
1.a form of sculpture having several sheets or rods of a stiff material attached to each other by thin wire or twine in a balanced and artfully arranged tree configuration, with the topmost member suspended in air from a support so that the parts may move independently when set in motion by a current of air.
Noun1.Mobile - a river in southwestern Alabama; flows into Mobile Bay
Synonyms: Mobile River
2.Mobile - a port in southwestern Alabama on Mobile Bay
3.mobile - sculpture suspended in midair whose delicately balanced parts can be set in motion by air currents
stabile - a sculpture having fixed units (usually constructed of sheet metal) and attached to a fixed support
Adj.1.mobile - moving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place); "a mobile missile system"; "the tongue is...the most mobile articulator"
immobile - not capable of movement or of being moved
2.mobile - (of groups of people) tending to travel and change settlements frequently; "a restless mobile society"; "the nomadic habits of the Bedouins"; "believed the profession of a peregrine typist would have a happy future"; "wandering tribes"
3.mobile - having transportation available
4.mobile - capable of changing quickly from one state or condition to another; "a highly mobile face"
5.mobile - affording change (especially in social status); "Britain is not a truly fluid society"; "upwardly mobile"
Synonyms: fluid
able to adapt, active, adaptable, adjustable, agile, alert, all-around, alterable, alterative, ambidextrous, ambulant, ambulatory, animated, art object, brainchild, bric-a-brac, bronze, capricious, cast, changeable, changeful, checkered, classic, composition, creation, design, driving, ever-changing, expressive, facile, fickle, flexible, fluid, grotesque, impelling, impermanent, in motion, inconstant, kaleidoscopic, kitsch, liquid, malleable, many-sided, marble, master, masterpiece, masterwork, mechanical, mercurial, metamorphic, migrant, modifiable, motile, motivational, motive, motor, motorized, moving, museum piece, mutable, nimble, nonuniform, nude, old master, pasticcio, pastiche, permutable, piece, piece of virtu, plastic, portable, propellant, propelling, protean, proteiform, quick, resilient, responsive, rubbery, sculpture, sensitive, stabile, statue, still life, stirring, study, supple, terra cotta, transient, transitional, transitory, transmigratory, transportable, traveling, unfixed, unsettled, unstable, unsteadfast, unsteady, variable, versatile, virtu, work, work of art
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