Mile´age   Pronunciation: mīl´ãj; 48
n.1.An allowance for traveling expenses at a certain rate per mile.
2.Aggregate length or distance in miles; esp., the sum of lengths of tracks or wires of a railroad company, telegraph company, etc.
3.The number of miles that a vehicle can travel after consuming a certain quantity of fuel; in the United States, usually expressed in units of miles per gallon; as, smaller cars tend to get better mileage. It is sometimes used as a nmeasure of the energy efficiency of a vehicle.
4.Use, profit or advantage; as, he got a lot of mileage out of one hit record.
Constructive mileage
a mileage allowed for journeys supposed to be made, but not actually made.
- Bartlett.
Noun1.mileage - distance measured in miles
Synonyms: milage
2.mileage - the ratio of the number of miles traveled to the number of gallons of gasoline burned
3.mileage - a travel allowance at a given rate per mile traveled

MILEAGE. A compensation allowed by law to officers, for their trouble and expenses in travelling on public business.
     2. The mileage allowed to members of congress, is eight dollars for every twenty miles of estimated distance, by the most usual roads, from his place of residence to the seat of congress, at the commencement and end of every session. Act of Jan. 22, 1818; 3 Story, Laws U. S. 1657.
     3. In computing mileage the distance by the road usually travelled is that which must be allowed, whether in fact the officer travels a more or less distant way to suit his own convenience. 5 Shepl. R. 431.

account, aesthetic distance, allowance, assessment, bill, blackmail, blood money, clearance, compass, deep space, depths of space, distance, divergence, emolument, extension, extent, farness, fee, footing, hush money, infinity, initiation fee, leeway, length, lengthiness, light-years, linear measures, long time, longitude, longness, margin, measure, overall length, parsecs, perpetuity, perspective, piece, range, reach, reckoning, remoteness, retainer, retaining fee, scot, separation, space, span, stipend, stretch, stride, tribute, way, ways, yardage
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