measuring system

Noun1.measuring systemmeasuring system - instrument that shows the extent or amount or quantity or degree of something
accelerometer, actinometer, algometer, altazimuth, altimeter, asdic, atmometer, audiometer, barometer, bolometer, bubble chamber, buret, burette, caliper, calipers, calliper, callipers, calorimeter, chronoscope, colorimeter, counter tube, craniometer, cryoscope, declinometer, densimeter, densitometer, dip circle, dosemeter, dosimeter, dynamometer, echo sounder, electrodynamometer, electroscope, ergometer, eudiometer, evaporometer, gage, gauge, graduate, gravimeter, gravity meter, haematocrit, hematocrit, hydrometer, hygrometer, inclinometer, instrument, integrator, interferometer, ionization chamber, ionization tube, katharometer, Kundt's tube, lidar, log, measure, measuring device, measuring instrument, measuring rod, measuring stick, meter, microwave radar, nephoscope, octant, oximeter, pedometer, pelvimeter, photometer, piezometer, pipet, pipette, Pitot tube, Pitot-static tube, planimeter, plethysmograph, potentiometer, quadrant, radar, radio detection and ranging, radiolocation, range finder, rangefinder, refractometer, scale, sclerometer, sector, seismograph, sensitometer, sextant, sonar, sonometer, spark chamber, spark counter, spherometer, spirograph, spirometer, static tube, synchroniser, synchronizer, synchronoscope, synchroscope, tach, tachometer, tape, tape measure, tapeline, tensiometer, thermometer, timekeeper, timepiece, tintometer, tonometer, torsion balance, transit declinometer, variometer, Venturi tube, viscometer, viscosimeter, weighing machine
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