adj.1.thoroughly acquainted with and skilled in something through study or experience; as, knowledgeable in classical languages. Opposite of unversed, unacquainted, and unfamiliar.
2.fully informed.
3.highly educated; having information or understanding.
Adj.1.knowledgeable - highly educated; having extensive information or understanding; "an enlightened public"; "knowing instructors"; "a knowledgeable critic"; "a knowledgeable audience"
2.knowledgeable - thoroughly acquainted with and skilled in something through study or experience; "well versed in classical languages"
Synonyms: versed
3.knowledgeable - alert and fully informed; "politically aware"; "a knowing collector of rare books"; "the most...technically aware of the novelists under thirty"- W.S.Graham; "surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on"
Synonyms: knowing, aware
4.knowledgeable - thoroughly acquainted with through study or experience; "this girl, so intimate with nature"-W.H.Hudson; "knowledgeaIble about the technique of painting"- Herbert Read
all-knowing, apperceptive, appercipient, apprehending, apprehensive, au courant, au fait, authoritative, aware, brainy, bright, brilliant, clever, cognizant, comprehending, confined, conscious, cultured, discerning, enlightened, erudite, expert, familiar, feature, featured, gnostic, in the know, insightful, intelligent, knowing, knowledgable, learned, limited, mindful, omniscient, perceptive, percipient, perspicacious, prehensile, quick-witted, ready, restricted, sagacious, sage, sensible, sharp, shrewd, smart, sophic, sophisticated, specialist, specialistic, specialized, technical, well-educated, well-informed, well-read, wise, worldly
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