p. a. & vb1.of Jump, to leap.
Jumping bean
a seed of a Mexican Euphorbia, containing the larva of a moth (Carpocapsa saltitans). The larva by its sudden movements causes the seed to roll to roll and jump about.
Jumping deer
(Zool.) a South African rodent (Pedetes Caffer), allied to the jerboa.
Jumping louse
(Zool.) any of the numerous species of plant lice belonging to the family Psyllidæ, several of which are injurious to fruit trees.
Jumping mouse
(Zool.) North American mouse (Zapus Hudsonius), having a long tail and large hind legs. It is noted for its jumping powers. Called also kangaroo mouse.
Jumping mullet
(Zool.) gray mullet.
Jumping shrew
(Zool.) any African insectivore of the genus Macroscelides. They are allied to the shrews, but have large hind legs adapted for jumping.
Jumping spider
(Zool.) spider of the genus Salticus and other related genera; one of the Saltigradæ; - so called because it leaps upon its prey.
Noun1.jumping - the act of participating in an athletic competition in which you must jump
2.jumping - the act of jumping; propelling yourself off the ground; "he advanced in a series of jumps"; "the jumping was unexpected"
Synonyms: jump
To dream that you are jumping over an object, symbolizes your success in any endeavour. You are showing great progress and the future looks promising. To dream that you fail to jump over an object, signifies disagreeable and intolerable affairs. To jump down from a wall, denotes disappointment in love.bouncing, bounding, capering, hopping, hurdle race, hurdling, leaping, pole vaulting, prancing, saltant, saltation, saltatorial, saltatory, skipping, springing, steeplechase, the hurdles, timber topping, vaulting
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