Pronunciation: join
v. t.1.
[imp. & p. p. Joined (joind); p. pr. & vb. n. Joining.]
1.To bring together, literally or figuratively; to place in contact; to connect; to couple; to unite; to combine; to associate; to add; to append.
Woe unto them that join house to house.
- Is. v. 8.
Thy tuneful voice with numbers join.
- Dryden.
2.To associate one's self to; to be or become connected with; to league one's self with; to unite with; as, to join a party; to join the church.
We jointly now to join no other head.
- Dryden.
3.To unite in marriage.
4.To enjoin upon; to command.
They join them penance, as they call it.
- Tyndale.
5.To accept, or engage in, as a contest; as, to join encounter, battle, issue.
6.To meet with and accompany; as, we joined them at the restaurant.
7.To combine with (another person) in performing some activity; as, join me in welcoming our new president.
To join battle
See under Battle, Issue.
v. i.1.To be contiguous, close, or in contact; to come together; to unite; to mingle; to form a union; as, the bones of the skull join; two rivers join.
Whose house joined hard to the synagogue.
- Acts xviii. 7.
n.1.(Geom.) The line joining two points; the point common to two intersecting lines.
2.The place or part where objects have been joined; a joint; a seam.
3.(Computers) The combining of multiple tables to answer a query in a relational database system.
Noun1.join - the shape or manner in which things come together and a connection is made
2.join - a set containing all and only the members of two or more given sets; "let C be the union of the sets A and B"
Synonyms: sum, union
Verb1.join - become part of; become a member of a group or organization; "He joined the Communist Party as a young man"
2.join - cause to become joined or linked; "join these two parts so that they fit together"
Synonyms: bring together
disjoin, disjoint - make disjoint, separated, or disconnected; undo the joining of
3.join - come into the company of; "She joined him for a drink"
4.join - make contact or come together; "The two roads join here"
Synonyms: conjoin
disjoin, disjoint - become separated, disconnected or disjoint
5.join - be or become joined or united or linked; "The two streets connect to become a highway"; "Our paths joined"; "The travelers linked up again at the airport"
Synonyms: link up, connect, link, unite
1.(database)join - inner join (common) or outer join (less common).
2.(theory)join - least upper bound.
abut, abut on, accord, accouple, accumulate, act in concert, act together, act with, add, adhere, affiliate, affiliate with, affix, agglomerate, agglutinate, aggregate, aggroup, agree, align with, ally, amalgamate, amass, annex, append, appose, arrange a match, articulate, assimilate, associate with, assort with, band, band together, batch, be coextensive with, be consistent, be contiguous, be continuous, be enfranchised, be implicated in, be in cahoots, be in contact, be in league, bear a hand, bind, blend, bond, border, border on, bracket, bridge, bridge over, bring near, bring together, build, build up, bulk, bunch, bunch together, bunch up, burden, butt, cabal, call up, catenate, cement, cement a union, centralize, chain, chip in, chum, chum together, chum with, clap together, clinch, clique, clique with, club, club together, clump, cluster, coact, coadunate, coalesce, cohere, coincide, collaborate, collect, colligate, collocate, collude, come into, come together, commandeer, communicate, compare, compile, complicate, compose, compound, comprise, concatenate, concert, concord, concrete, concur, confederate, conglobulate, conglomerate, conjugate, connect, connect up, connect with, connive, conscript, consist of, consociate, consolidate, consort with, conspire, constitute, construct, continuate, continue, contribute, converge, cooperate, copulate, corral, correspond, cover, creep in, cumulate, decorate, detach, detach for service, dig up, do business with, draft, draw together, dredge up, drive together, embody, embrace, encompass, encumber, enlist, enroll, enter, enter into, extend to, fabricate, federalize, federate, fellowship, flock to, flock together, flux, follow, form, form a series, fraternize, fuse, gang, gang up, gather, gather in, gather together, get heads together, get in, get into, get together, get together with, give away, glue, glue on, go along with, go in partners, go in partnership, go in with, go into, go partners, group, grow together, hang around with, hang out with, hang together, happen together, harmonize, have suffrage, help decide, herd together, hitch, hitch on, hobnob with, hold together, hook up, hook up with, identify, impress, include, incorporate, induct, infix, integrate, interblend, intercommunicate, interfuse, join forces, join fortunes with, join hands with, join in, join in fellowship, join together, join up, join up with, join with, juxtapose, juxtaposit, keep company with, keep together, knit, knot, lay together, league, league together, league with, levy, lie by, line, line up with, link up, list, lump together, maintain continuity, make, make a match, make common cause, make one, make the scene, make up, march, marry, marshal, mass, match, meet, meld, melt into one, merge, merge in, mingle with, mix, mix with, mobilize, muster, muster in, neighbor, nuptial, one, organize, ornament, pair, pair off, pal, pal up with, pal with, partake, partake of, participate, participate in, partner, paste on, piece together, play ball, plus, postfix, prefix, press, pull an oar, pull together, put heads together, put with, raise, rake up, rally, rally round, range with, reciprocate, recruit, reembody, relate, roll into one, round up, run in couples, run on, run with, saddle with, scrape together, shade into, side with, sign on, sign up, sit in, sit in on, slap on, sneak in, solder, solidify, sort with, span, splice, stand by, stand in with, stand together, stand up with, stick together, strike in with, string, string along with, string together, structure, subjoin, suffix, summon, superadd, superpose, swing in with, synchronize, syncretize, syndicate, synergize, synthesize, tack on, tag, tag on, take in, take out membership, take part in, take part with, take sides with, take up, take up membership, take up with, tape, team up, team up with, team with, thread, throw in together, throw in with, tie, tie in, tie in with, tie up, tie up with, touch, unify, unionize, unite efforts, unite in, unite in marriage, unite with, verge, verge on, verge upon, vote, weave, wed, weld, whip in, work together, yoke
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