jog trot

Noun1.jog trot - an easy gait of a horse; midway between a walk and a trot
alliterating, alliterative, andante, assonant, beat, beaten path, belabored, blah, broken-record, bureaucracy, bureaucratism, burst, burst of speed, canter, chanting, chiming, chinoiserie, claudication, cliche-ridden, crawl, creep, daily grind, dash, dead march, dead run, dingdong, dogtrot, drearisome, dreary, dry, dryasdust, dull, dusty, everlasting, flank speed, flat-out speed, footpace, forced draft, full gallop, funeral march, gallop, grind, groove, hand gallop, harping, headlong rush, heavy right foot, high lope, hobble, humdrum, invariable, jingle-jangle, jog, labored, leisurely gait, limp, long-winded, lope, lumbering pace, maximum speed, mincing steps, monotone, monotonous, open throttle, plod, plunge, prolix, race, rack, red tape, red-tapeism, rhymed, rhyming, round, routine, run, rush, rut, saunter, scamper, scud, scurry, scuttle, shamble, shuffle, singsong, slouch, slow march, slow motion, sprint, spurt, squirrel cage, stroll, tedious, track, treadmill, trot, trudge, uneventful, unvarying, waddle, walk, well-worn groove, wide-open speed
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