Pronunciation: jǒg
v. t.1.
[imp. & p. p. Jogged (jǒgd); p. pr. & vb. n. Jogging (jǒg"gĭng).]
1.To push or shake with the elbow or hand; to jostle; esp., to push or touch, in order to give notice, to excite one's attention, or to warn.
2.To suggest to; to notify; to remind; to call the attention of; as, to jog the memory.
3.To cause to jog; to drive at a jog, as a horse. See Jog, v. i.
v. i.1.To move by jogs or small shocks, like those of a slow trot; to move slowly, leisurely, or monotonously; - usually with on, sometimes with over.
Jog on, jog on, the footpath way.
- Shak.
2.To run at less than maximum speed; to move on foot at a pace between a walk and a run; to run at a moderate pace so as to be able to continue for some time; - performed by people, mostly for exercise.
n.1.A slight shake; a shake or push intended to give notice or awaken attention; a push; a jolt.
To give them by turns an invisible jog.
- Swift.
2.A rub; a slight stop; an obstruction; hence, an irregularity in motion of from; a hitch; a break in the direction of a line or the surface of a plane.
3.A liesurely running pace. See jog{2}, v. i.
Jog trot
a slow, regular, jolting gait; hence, a routine habit or method, persistently adhered to.
- T. Hook.
Noun1.jog - a sharp change in direction; "there was a jog in the road"
2.jog - a slow pace of running
Synonyms: lope, trot
3.jog - a slight push or shake
Synonyms: nudge
Verb1.jog - continue talking or writing in a desultory manner; "This novel rambles on and jogs"
Synonyms: ramble, ramble on
2.jog - even up the edges of a stack of paper, in printing
Synonyms: even up, square up
3.jog - run for exercise; "jog along the canal"
4.jog - run at a moderately swift pace
Synonyms: trot, clip
5.jog - give a slight push to
6.jog - stimulate to remember; "jog my memory"
agitate, amble, andante, assault, barge, bear, bear upon, bearing, bilge, blain, blaze, bleb, blister, blob, bob, bobble, boost, boss, bounce, bow, bowl along, bubble, buck, bulb, bulge, bull, bulla, bulldoze, bump, bump against, bunch, bundle, bunt, burl, butt, butt against, button, cahot, chatter, chine, claudication, cleft, clump, condyle, convex, cram, crawl, creep, crena, crowd, cut, dead march, depression, didder, dig, dither, dogtrot, dowel, drag, drive, droop, ear, elbow, falter, flange, flap, flick, flip, flirt, flounce, foot, footpace, footslog, force, funeral march, gall, gallop, gash, gnarl, goad, grimace, hack, halt, handle, have an ague, head, hill, hippety-hop, hitch, hobble, hop, hump, hunch, hurtle, hustle, incision, indentation, jab, jactitate, jag, jam, jar, jerk, jig, jigger, jigget, jiggle, jog trot, joggle, jolt, jostle, jounce, jump, kerf, knob, knot, knur, knurl, leisurely gait, limp, lip, lock step, loop, lumber, lumbering pace, lump, lunge, lurch, mince, mincing steps, mole, mountain, nevus, nick, nock, notch, nub, nubbin, nubble, nudge, pace, paddle, papilloma, peg, piaffe, piaffer, pile drive, plod, pluck, poke, prance, press, pressure, prod, punch, push, quake, quaver, quiver, rack, ram, ram down, rattle, rib, rictus, ridge, ring, roll, run against, sashay, saunter, score, scotch, scuff, scuffle, scuttle, shake, shamble, shiver, shock, shoulder, shove, shudder, shuffle, sidle, single-foot, skip, slink, slither, slog, slouch, slow march, slow motion, slowness, snake, snatch, spine, stagger, stalk, stamp, start, step, stomp, straddle, straggle, stress, stride, stroll, strolling gait, strut, stud, stump, style, sudden pull, swagger, swing, tab, tamp, thrust, tic, tittup, toddle, totter, traipse, tread, tremble, tremor, trip, trudge, tubercle, tubercule, tweak, twitch, twitter, velocity, verruca, vesicle, vibrate, waddle, wale, walk, wamble, wart, welt, wiggle, wobble, wrench, yank, yerk
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