information processing system

Noun1.information processing system - a machine for performing calculations automatically
alpha test, analog computer, analogue computer, back up, beta test, bus, busbar, C.P.U., cathode-ray tube, central processing unit, central processor, chip, client, compatible, computer, computer accessory, computer circuit, computer hardware, computer memory, computer peripheral, computer science, computer storage, computing, computing device, computing machine, console, CPU, CRT, data communication, data converter, data format, data formatting, data processor, data structure, digital communication, digital computer, disk cache, diskette, electronic computer, expansion slot, faceplate, floppy, floppy disk, format, formatting, guest, hardware, home computer, host, incompatible, interconnection, internet site, keyboard, machine, mainframe, memory, memory board, micro chip, microchip, module, monitor, monitoring device, node, number cruncher, outage, pari-mutuel machine, pass, peripheral, peripheral device, platform, plotter, predictor, processor, scratchpad, server, silicon chip, site, slot, storage, store, throughput, totalisator, totaliser, totalizator, totalizer, Turing machine, VDU, visual display unit, web site
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