in the south

Adv.1.in the south - in a southern direction; "we moved south"
Synonyms: south, to the south
south, to the south
in the main
in the meantime
in the middle
in the midst
in the mind
In the name of
in the nick of time
in the north
in the offing
In the person of
in the public domain
in the public eye
in the raw
In the rough
In the same boat
in the same breath
-- in the south --
In the suds
In the teeth
In the way
In the way with
In the wind's eye
In the wrong box
in their right minds
in theory
in this
In this connection
in time
In totidem verhis
in toto
In toto et pars continetur
In touch
In traditionibus scriptorum non quod dictum est
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