Pronunciation: fūm
n.1.Exhalation; volatile matter (esp. noxious vapor or smoke) ascending in a dense body; smoke; vapor; reek; as, the fumes of tobacco.
The fumes of new shorn hay.
- T. Warton.
2.Rage or excitement which deprives the mind of self-control; as, the fumes of passion.
3.Anything vaporlike, unsubstantial, or airy; idle conceit; vain imagination.
A show of fumes and fancies.
- Bacon.
4.The incense of praise; inordinate flattery.
5.(Metal.) Solid material deposited by condensation of fumes; as, lead fume (a grayish powder chiefly lead sulphate).
In a fume
in ill temper, esp. from impatience.
v. i.1.To smoke; to throw off fumes, as in combustion or chemical action; to rise up, as vapor.
[imp. & p. p. Fumed ; p. pr. & vb. n. Fuming.]
2.To be as in a mist; to be dulled and stupefied.
Keep his brain fuming.
- Shak.
3.To pass off in fumes or vapors.
4.To be in a rage; to be hot with anger.
While her mother did fret, and her father did fume.
- Sir W. Scott.
To fume away
to give way to excitement and displeasure; to storm; also, to pass off in fumes.
v. t.1.To expose to the action of fumes; to treat with vapors, smoke, etc.; as, to bleach straw by fuming it with sulphur; to fill with fumes, vapors, odors, etc., as a room.
2.To praise inordinately; to flatter.
They demi-deify and fume him so.
- Cowper.
3.To throw off in vapor, or as in the form of vapor.
The heat will fume away most of the scent.
- Montimer.
Noun1.fume - a cloud of fine particles suspended in a gas
Synonyms: smoke
Verb1.fume - be mad, angry, or furious
2.fume - emit a cloud of fine particles; "The chimney was fuming"
Synonyms: smoke
3.fume - treat with fumes, expose to fumes, especially with the aim of disinfecting or eradicating pests
Synonyms: fumigate
4.fume - be wet with sweat or blood, as of one's face
Synonyms: reek
achromatize, ado, aerate, aerify, afterdamp, agitation, anhydrate, aroma, ash, ashes, atomize, be livid, be pissed, blackdamp, blanch, blast-freeze, bleach, blow, blow a gasket, blow up, bluster, bobbery, boil, boil over, boiling, brand, brawl, breath, breathe out, brine, bristle, broil, brouhaha, browned off, burn, bustle, cacophony, calx, carbon, carbonate, carry on, chafe, chaos, charcoal, chlorinate, chokedamp, churn, cinder, clinker, cloud, coal, coke, commotion, conturbation, cure, damp, decolor, decolorize, definite odor, dehydrate, desiccate, detectable odor, dim, discolor, discomposure, disorder, disquiet, disquietude, distill, disturbance, drain, drain of color, dross, dry, dry-cure, dry-salt, dudgeon, dull, ebullience, ebullition, eddy, effervescence, effluvium, emanation, embalm, embroilment, emit, essence, etherify, etherize, etiolate, evacuate, evaporate, excitement, exhalation, exhale, exhaust, expire, explode, fade, fanaticism, feery-fary, ferment, fermentation, fetid air, fever, feverishness, fidgets, firedamp, flap, flare up, flatus, flavor, flip out, fluid, fluidize, flurry, fluster, flutteration, foam, foment, fomentation, foofaraw, fractionate, fragrance, freeze, freeze-dry, frenzy, fret, fumes, fumigate, furor, furore, fury, fuss, gasify, give off, give out, give vent to, go on, have a conniption, high dudgeon, hubbub, huff, hurly-burly, hurry, hurry-scurry, hydrogenate, inquietude, irradiate, jerk, jitters, jumpiness, kipper, lava, let out, maelstrom, malaise, malaria, marinade, marinate, mephitis, miasma, miff, moil, mummify, nerviness, nervosity, nervousness, odor, open the floodgates, open the sluices, oxygenate, pale, pandemonium, passion, pell-mell, perfume, peroxide, perturbation, pet, pickle, pique, pissed off, pollution, preservatize, puff, puff of smoke, quick-freeze, racket, raise Cain, raise hell, raise the devil, raise the roof, rant, rant and rave, redolence, reek, refrigerate, restlessness, roil, rout, row, ruckus, ruffle, rumpus, salt, savor, scent, scoria, season, seethe, seething, send out, simmer, sizzle, slag, smell, smog, smoke-cure, smolder, smoulder, smudge, smut, soot, spoor, spray, stench, stew, stink, stir, storm, storminess, stuff, sublimate, sublime, subtle odor, sullage, sweat, swirl, swirling, swivet, take on, tarnish, tempestuousness, throw a fit, throw off, tiff, tizzy, to-do, tone down, trace, trail, trepidation, trepidity, tumult, tumultuation, tumultuousness, turbidity, turbulence, turmoil, twitter, unease, unrest, uproar, upset, vapor, vaporize, volatile, volatilize, vortex, wash out, water vapor, whiff, whirl, whiten, wildness, yeastiness, zeal, zealousness
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