imp. & p. 1.imp. & p. p. of Find.
v. t.1.To form by melting a metal, and pouring it into a mold; to cast.
[imp. & p. p. Founded; p. pr. & vb. n. Founding.]
n.1.A thin, single-cut file for combmakers.
v. t.1.To lay the basis of; to set, or place, as on something solid, for support; to ground; to establish upon a basis, literal or figurative; to fix firmly.
[imp. & p. p. Founded; p. pr. & vb. n. Founding.]
It fell not, for it was founded on a rock.
- Matt. vii. 25.
2.To take the ffirst steps or measures in erecting or building up; to furnish the materials for beginning; to begin to raise; to originate; as, to found a college; to found a family.
Noun1.found - food and lodging provided in addition to money; "they worked for $30 and found"
Verb1.found - set up or found; "She set up a literacy program"
Synonyms: establish, launch, set up
2.found - set up or lay the groundwork for; "establish a new department"
3.found - use as a basis for; found on; "base a claim on some observation"
Synonyms: base, establish, ground
Adj.1.found - come upon unexpectedly or after searching; "found art"; "the lost-and-found department"
lost - no longer in your possession or control; unable to be found or recovered; "a lost child"; "lost friends"; "his lost book"; "lost opportunities"
To dream that you found something, suggests that you are coming into contact with some aspect of your psyche or unconscious. You are recognizing a part of yourself that was previously repressed or undeveloped. Alternatively, it represents change. To dream that you found someone, indicates that you are identifying new facets of a relationship. You may be taking the relationship to a new level and/or direction. The dream may also be a metaphor for finding yourself.assemble, author, base, bear, bed, beget, begin, blaze, blister, block out, bottom, brand, breed, bring about, bring forth, bring to effect, bring to pass, bring up, broach, build, build in, burn, burn in, burn off, carve, cast, cause, cauterize, char, chase, chisel, christen, coal, commence, conceive, confirm, constitute, crack, create, cupel, cut, deep-dye, define, develop, do, effect, effectuate, efform, embed, engender, engraft, engrave, entrench, erect, establish, etch, fashion, father, figure, fix, flame, float, forge, form, formalize, frame, generate, gestate, give birth to, give occasion to, give origin to, give rise to, grave, ground, hew, impact, implant, impress, imprint, inaugurate, incept, induct, infix, ingrain, initiate, inscribe, insculpture, install, institute, introduce, invest, jam, knead, knock out, launch, lay out, lay the foundation, lick into shape, lift up, lodge, make, materialize, mint, model, mold, occasion, originate, oxidate, oxidize, pack, parch, pitch, plant, predicate, print, produce, put in, put up, pyrolyze, raise, realize, rear, rest, ring in, root, rough out, roughcast, roughhew, scorch, sculp, sculpt, sculpture, sear, seat, set, set afloat, set agoing, set in, set on foot, set up, settle, shape, singe, sire, solder, stamp, start, start going, start up, stay, stereotype, support, sustain, swinge, tailor, thermoform, torrefy, turn on, usher in, vesicate, vest, vulcanize, wedge, weld, work
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