a.1.Pertaining to the elephant, or resembling an elephant (commonly, in size); hence, huge; immense; heavy; as, of elephantine proportions; an elephantine step or tread.
Elephantine epoch
(Geol.) the epoch distinguished by the existence of large pachyderms.
Elephantine tortoise
(Zool.) a huge land tortoise; esp., Testudo elephantina, from islands in the Indian Ocean; and T. elephantopus, from the Galapagos Islands.
- Mantell.
Adj.1.elephantine - of great mass; huge and bulky; "a jumbo jet"; "jumbo shrimp"
Synonyms: gargantuan, giant, jumbo
elephantine - Used of programs or systems that are both conspicuous hogs (owing perhaps to poor design founded on brute force and ignorance) and exceedingly hairy in source form. An elephantine program may be functional and even friendly, but (as in the old joke about being in bed with an elephant) it's tough to have around all the same (and, like a pachyderm, difficult to maintain). In extreme cases, hackers have been known to make trumpeting sounds or perform expressive proboscatory mime at the mention of the offending program. Usage: semi-humorous. Compare "has the elephant nature" and the somewhat more pejorative monstrosity. See also second-system effect and baroque.
Atlantean, Brobdingnagian, Cyclopean, Gargantuan, Herculean, Homeric, Latinate, abysmal, arid, astronomic, awkward, barren, blah, blank, bloodless, bombastic, bulky, characterless, clumsy, cold, colorless, colossal, cramped, cumbersome, cumbrous, dead, dismal, draggy, drearisome, dreary, dry, dryasdust, dull, dusty, effete, elephantlike, empty, enormous, epic, etiolated, fade, flat, forced, formal, gargantuan, giant, giantlike, gigantic, graceless, guinde, halting, heavy, heavy-handed, heroic, ho-hum, hollow, huge, hulking, hulky, immense, inane, inexcitable, infinite, inkhorn, insipid, jejune, jumbo, labored, leaden, lifeless, low-spirited, lubberly, lumbering, lumpish, lumpy, maladroit, mammoth, massive, massy, mighty, monster, monstrous, monumental, mountainous, pale, pallid, pedestrian, plodding, pointless, poky, pompous, ponderous, prodigious, profound, sesquipedalian, slow, solemn, spiritless, sterile, stiff, stilted, stodgy, stuffy, stupendous, superficial, tasteless, tedious, titanic, towering, tremendous, turgid, ungraceful, uninspired, unlively, unwieldy, vapid, vast, wooden
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