n.1.A building; a house; an edifice; - used chiefly in poetry.
2.(Arch.) A cupola formed on a large scale.
3.Any erection resembling the dome or cupola of a building; as the upper part of a furnace, the vertical steam chamber on the top of a boiler, etc.
4.(Crystallog.) A prism formed by planes parallel to a lateral axis which meet above in a horizontal edge, like the roof of a house; also, one of the planes of such a form.
1.Decision; judgment; opinion; a court decision.
Noun1.dome - a concave shape whose distinguishing characteristic is that the concavity faces downward
2.dome - informal terms for a human head
Synonyms: bonce, noggin, noodle, attic, bean
3.dome - a stadium that has a roof
4.dome - a hemispherical roof
Distributed Object Management Environment (ORB) To see a dome in your dream, signifies that you will never fully achieve your goals. To dream that you are in the dome of a building, signifies some honour that will be bestowed upon you.antenna tower, apse, arcade, arcature, arch, arched roof, archway, barbican, bean, belfry, bell tower, bend, bend back, bonnet, bow, brow, camber, campanile, cap, ceil, ceilinged roof, coif, colossus, column, concameration, concha, conk, cork, cove, crook, crown, cupola, curl, curve, decurve, deflect, derrick, embow, fire tower, flex, geodesic dome, hat, head, headpiece, hood, hook, hump, hunch, igloo, incurvate, incurve, inflect, keystone, lantern, lighthouse, loop, martello, martello tower, mast, minaret, monument, noddle, noggin, noodle, obelisk, observation tower, ogive, pagoda, pate, pilaster, pillar, pinnacle, pole, poll, pylon, pyramid, recurve, reflect, reflex, retroflex, ridge, roof, roof in, round, sag, sconce, shaft, skewback, skyscraper, span, spire, standpipe, steeple, stopper, stupa, swag, sweep, television mast, tip, top, tope, tour, tower, turn, turret, vault, vaulting, voussoir, water tower, wind, windmill tower
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