n.1.The act of determining, or the state of being determined.
2.Bringing to an end; termination; limit.
A speedy determination of that war.
- Ludlow.
3.Direction or tendency to a certain end; impulsion.
4.The quality of mind which reaches definite conclusions; decision of character; resoluteness.
He only is a well-made man who has a good determination.
- Emerson.
5.The state of decision; a judicial decision, or ending of controversy.
6.That which is determined upon; result of deliberation; purpose; conclusion formed; fixed resolution.
So bloodthirsty a determination to obtain convictions.
- Hallam.
7.(Med.) A flow, rush, or tendency to a particular part; as, a determination of blood to the head.
8.(Physical Sciences) The act, process, or result of any accurate measurement, as of length, volume, weight, intensity, etc.; as, the determination of the ohm or of the wave length of light; the determination of the salt in sea water, or the oxygen in the air.
9.(Logic) The act of defining a concept or notion by giving its essential constituents.
10.(Nat. Hist.) The act of determining the relations of an object, as regards genus and species; the referring of minerals, plants, or animals, to the species to which they belong; classification; as, I am indebted to a friend for the determination of most of these shells.
Noun1.determination - the act of determining the properties of something
Synonyms: finding
2.determination - the quality of being determined to do or achieve something; "his determination showed in his every movement"; "he is a man of purpose"
Synonyms: purpose
3.determination - a position or opinion or judgment reached after consideration; "a decision unfavorable to the opposition"; "his conclusion took the evidence into account"; "satisfied with the panel's determination"
Synonyms: conclusion, decision
4.determination - the act of making up your mind about something; "the burden of decision was his"; "he drew his conclusions quickly"
Synonyms: decision, conclusion

DETERMINATION. The end, the conclusion, of a right or authority; as, the determination of a lease. 1 Com. Dig. Estates by Grant, G 10, 11, and 12.. The determination of an authority is the end of the authority given; the end of the return day of a writ determines the authority of the sheriff; the death of the principal determines the authority of a mere attorney. By determination is also understood the decision or judgment of a court of justice.

To dream that you have determination, represents your ambition and realization of your goals. It refers to your attitude and the restrictions that you or others impose onto you.absolute indication, accomplishment, acid test, action, aim, allocation, ambition, animus, answer, appetence, appetency, appetite, appraisal, appraisement, approximation, ascertaining, ascertainment, aspiration, assay, assessment, assignment, assize, assizement, assurance, attribution, award, balkiness, bigotry, blank determination, bounding, bringing to light, brouillon, bullheadedness, burden of proof, calculation, casual discovery, catching, certification, chance discovery, check, checking, choice, circling-in, circumscribing, circumscription, clearing up, collation, command, commitment, computation, conation, conatus, conclusion, conclusive evidence, condemnation, confirmation, consideration, constancy, correction, counsel, cracking, criterion, crucial test, crucible, damning evidence, decidedness, decipherment, decision, decisiveness, decoding, decree, dedication, definiteness, definition, delimitation, deliverance, demarcation, demonstration, denomination, denouement, desideration, desideratum, design, designation, desire, detection, determinateness, determinedness, determining, devotion, diagnosis, dictum, disclosure, discovery, discretion, disentanglement, disposition, distinguishment, docimasy, doggedness, dogmatism, doom, earnestness, effect, effort, encincture, end, end result, endeavor, ensuring, espial, essay, establishment, estimate, estimation, evaluation, excavation, exertion, exhumation, explanation, exposure, fanaticism, fancy, feeling out, find, finding, finding out, finding-out, firmness, first draft, fixed mind, fixed purpose, fixing, fortitude, free choice, free will, function, gauging, grit, guts, hardheadedness, headstrongness, idea, inclination, inclusion-exclusion, incontrovertible evidence, indisputable evidence, inflexible will, instrumentation, intendment, intent, intention, interpretation, intolerance, invention, ironclad proof, issue, judgement, kiteflying, liking, locating, location, lucky strike, lust, meaning, measure, measurement, measuring, mensuration, metric system, mind, motive, mulishness, nisus, obduracy, objective, obstinacy, obstinateness, onus, onus probandi, opinionatedness, ordeal, order, outcome, overzealousness, passion, perseverance, persistence, pertinacity, pigheadedness, pinning down, plan, pleasure, point, precedent, precision, probation, prognosis, project, pronouncement, proof, proposal, prospectus, purpose, purposefulness, quantification, quantization, rating, reason, reassurance, reassurement, recognition, rediscovery, relentlessness, resoluteness, resolution, resolve, resolvedness, resolving, restiveness, result, revelation, riddling, rough draft, rough sketch, ruling, sake, selection, self-will, sentence, serendipity, seriousness, settlement, settling, sexual desire, signification, sincerity, single-mindedness, solution, solving, sorting out, sounding out, specification, spotting, standard, steadfastness, stiff neck, stiff-neckedness, stipulation, strain, strike, striving, strongheadness, struggle, stubbornness, study, substantiation, sulkiness, sullenness, sure sign, survey, surveying, telemetering, telemetry, tenaciousness, tenacity, termination, test, test case, total commitment, touchstone, treasure trove, trial, triangulation, trouvaille, trove, try, uncooperativeness, uncovering, unearthing, unmistakable sign, unraveling, unregenerateness, unriddling, unscrambling, unspinning, untangling, untwisting, unweaving, upshot, validation, valuation, velleity, verdict, verification, view, volition, will, will power, willfulness, wish, working, working-out
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