Coun´sel   Pronunciation: koun´sĕl
n.1.Interchange of opinions; mutual advising; consultation.
2.Examination of consequences; exercise of deliberate judgment; prudence.
3.Result of consultation; advice; instruction.
I like thy counsel; well hast thou advised.
- Shak.
It was ill counsel had misled the girl.
- Tennyson.
4.Deliberate purpose; design; intent; scheme; plan.
The counsel of the Lord standeth forever.
- Ps. xxxiii. 11.
The counsels of the wicked are deceit.
- Prov. xii. 5.
5.A secret opinion or purpose; a private matter.
Thilke lord . . . to whom no counsel may be hid.
- Gower.
6.One who gives advice, especially in legal matters; one professionally engaged in the trial or management of a cause in court; also, collectively, the legal advocates united in the management of a case; as, the defendant has able counsel.
The King found his counsel as refractory as his judges.
- Macaulay.
In counsel
in secret.
To keep counsel
to keep one's thoughts, purposes, etc., undisclosed.
- Chaucer.
v. t.1.To give advice to; to advice, admonish, or instruct, as a person.
2.To advise or recommend, as an act or course.
They who counsel war.
- Milton.
Noun1.counsel - a lawyer who pleads cases in court
2.counsel - something that provides direction or advice as to a decision or course of action
Verb1.counsel - give advice to; "The teacher counsels troubled students"; "The lawyer counselled me when I was accused of tax fraud"
Synonyms: advise

COUNSEL. Advice given to another as to what he ought to do or not to do.
     2. To counsel another to do an unlawful act, is to become accessory to it, if it be a felony, or principal, if it be treason, or a misdemeanor. By the term counsel is also understood counsellor at law. Vide To open; Opening.

COUNSEL, an officer of court. One who undertakes to conduct suits and actions in court. The same as counsellor.

COUNSEL, practice, crim. law. In the oath of the grand jurors, there is a provision requiring them to keep secret "the commonwealth's counsel, their fellows, and their own." In this sense this word is synonymous with knowledge; therefore, all the knowledge acquired by grand jurors, in consequence of their office, either from the officers of the commonwealth, from their fellow jurors, or which they have obtained in any manner, in relation to cases which come officially before them, must be kept secret. See Grand Jury.

Dutch uncle, Polonius, admonisher, admonition, advise, advise with, advisement, adviser, advising, advisor, advocacy, advocate, agent, aim, ambition, amicus curiae, animus, aspiration, attorney-at-law, backseat driver, bar, bargain, barrister, barrister-at-law, brief, briefing, brooding, buttinsky, call in, caution, caveat, coach, collogue, compare notes, confer, confer with, confidant, consideration, consult, consult with, consultant, consultation, contemplation, council, counselor-at-law, deliberate, deliberation, deputy, desideration, desideratum, design, desire, determination, direct, direction, discuss, discuss with, discussion, effect, exchange observations, exchange views, exhortation, expert, expostulation, fixed purpose, friend at court, function, guide, have conversations, hold conference, hortation, idea, instruct, instruction, instructor, intendment, intent, intention, intercessor, judgement, kibitz, kibitzer, legal adviser, legal counselor, legal expert, legal practitioner, legal profession, legalist, lucubration, meaning, meddle, meddler, meditation, mentor, mind, monition, monitor, motive, mouthpiece, musing, negotiate, nestor, nisus, orienter, palaver, parley, plan, pleader, pleading, point, pondering, powwow, preceptist, prescribe, proctor, procurator, project, proposal, propose, prospectus, purpose, put heads together, reason with, recommend, recommendation, refer to, reflection, remonstrance, representation, resolution, resolve, revolving, rumination, sake, sea lawyer, self-styled lawyer, sit down together, sit down with, solicitor, speculation, striving, study, submit, suggest, suggestion, take counsel, take up with, talk over, teacher, thought, view, warning, weighing, will
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