n.1.the act of uniting or combining; union; assemblage.
2.Two things conjoined; a pair; a couple.
The sixth conjugations or pair of nerves.
- Sir T. Browne.
3.(Gram.) The act of conjugating a verb or giving in order its various parts and inflections.
4.(Biol.) A kind of sexual union; - applied to a blending of the contents of two or more cells or individuals in some plants and lower animals, by which new spores or germs are developed.
Noun1.conjugation - the state of being joined together
2.conjugation - the inflection of verbs
3.conjugation - the complete set of inflected forms of a verb
4.conjugation - a class of verbs having the same inflectional forms
5.Conjugationconjugation - the act of pairing a male and female for reproductive purposes; "the casual couplings of adolescents"; "the mating of some species occurs only in the spring"
6.conjugation - the act of making or becoming a single unit; "the union of opposing factions"; "he looked forward to the unification of his family for the holidays"
Anschluss, IC analysis, Janus, abutment, abuttal, accidence, addition, adjacency, adjoiningness, affiliation, affix, affixation, agglomeration, agglutination, aggregation, agreement, alliance, allomorph, amalgamation, ambiguity, ambivalence, apposition, appulse, articulation, artificial insemination, assimilation, association, biformity, bifurcation, blend, blending, bond, bound morpheme, bracketing, cabal, cartel, centralization, clustering, coalescence, coalition, combination, combine, combo, communication, composition, concatenation, concourse, concurrence, confederacy, confederation, confluence, congeries, conglomeration, conjunction, connection, consolidation, conspiracy, conterminousness, contiguity, convergence, copulation, coterminousness, coupling, cross-fertilization, cross-pollination, cutting, declension, derivation, dichotomy, difference of form, doubleness, doublethink, doubling, dualism, duality, duplexity, duplication, duplicity, ecumenism, embodiment, enclitic, encompassment, enosis, equivocality, fecundation, federalization, federation, fertilization, formative, free form, fusion, gathering, getting with child, halving, heterogamy, hookup, immediate constituent analysis, impregnation, inclusion, incorporation, infix, infixation, inflection, insemination, integration, intercommunication, intercourse, interlinking, irony, isogamy, joinder, joining, jointure, junction, junta, juxtaposition, knotting, league, liaison, linkage, linking, marriage, meeting, meld, melding, merger, merging, morph, morpheme, morphemic analysis, morphemics, morphology, morphophonemics, orthogamy, package, package deal, pairing, paradigm, perigee, perihelion, polarity, pollination, pollinization, prefix, prefixation, proclitic, radical, root, solidification, splice, stem, suffix, suffixation, symbiosis, syncretism, syndication, syneresis, synthesis, syzygy, theme, tie, tie-in, tie-up, twinning, two-facedness, twoness, unification, union, wedding, word-formation, yoking, zygosis
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