a.1.Acting in conjunction; agreeing in the same act or opinion; contributing to the same event or effect; coöperating.
The concurrent testimony of antiquity.
- Bp. Warburton.
2.Conjoined; associate; concomitant; existing or happening at the same time.
Changes . . . concurrent with the visual changes in the eye.
- Tyndall.
3.Joint and equal in authority; taking cognizance of similar questions; operating on the same objects; as, the concurrent jurisdiction of courts.
4.(Geom.) Meeting in one point.
n.1.One who, or that which, concurs; a joint or contributory cause.
2.One pursuing the same course, or seeking the same objects; hence, a rival; an opponent.
Menander . . . had no concurrent in his time that came near unto him.
- Holland.
3.(Chron.) One of the supernumerary days of the year over fifty-two complete weeks; - so called because they concur with the solar cycle, the course of which they follow.
Adj.1.concurrent - occurring or operating at the same time; "a series of coincident events"

CONCURRENT. Running together; having the same authority; thus we say a concurrent consideration occurs in the case of mutual promises; such and such a court have concurrent jurisdiction; that is, each has the same jurisdiction.

accessory, accompanying, accordant, agreeing, aligned, analogous, approaching, associate, associated, asymptotic, at one, at one with, attendant, attending, carried by acclamation, centripetal, centrolineal, coacting, coactive, coadjutant, coadjuvant, coadunate, coefficient, coetaneous, coeternal, coeval, coexistent, coexisting, coextending, coextensive, coincident, coinstantaneous, collaborative, collateral, collective, collectivist, collectivistic, collusive, combined, combining, commensal, common, communal, communalist, communalistic, communist, communistic, communitarian, compact, comprehensive, concerted, concomitant, concordant, concurring, confluent, confocal, conjoint, conjugate, conjunct, connivent, conniving, consentaneous, consilient, conspiratorial, contemporaneous, contemporary, conterminous, converging, cooperant, cooperating, cooperative, coordinate, corporate, correlative, coterminous, coupled, coworking, ecumenic, equal, equidistant, equispaced, even, fellow, focal, harmonious, harmonized, in agreement, inclusive, isochronal, isochronous, joined, joint, like-minded, lined up, meeting, mutual, mutually approaching, noncompetitive, nonconvergent, nondivergent, of a piece, of one accord, of one mind, paired, parallel, parallelepipedal, parallelinervate, paralleling, parallelodrome, parallelogrammatic, parallelogrammic, parallelotropic, parasitic, radial, radiating, reciprocal, saprophytic, simultaneous, solid, symbiotic, synchronal, synchronic, synchronous, synergetic, synergic, synergistic, tangent, tangential, twin, unanimous, unchallenged, uncompetitive, uncontested, uncontradicted, uncontroverted, unison, unisonous, united, uniting, unopposed, with one consent, with one voice
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