v. t.1.To call upon officially or authoritatively to appear, as before a court; to summon.
[imp. & p. p. Cited; p. pr. & vb. n. Citing]
Cited by finger of God.
- De Quincey.
2.To urge; to enjoin.
3.To quote; to repeat, as a passage from a book, or the words of another.
4.To refer to or specify, as for support, proof, illustration, or confirmation.
5.To bespeak; to indicate.
6.(Law) To notify of a proceeding in court.
Verb1.cite - make reference to; "His name was mentioned in connection with the invention"
2.cite - commend; "he was cited for his outstanding achievements"
Synonyms: mention
3.cite - refer to; "he referenced his colleagues' work"
Synonyms: reference
4.cite - repeat a passage from; "He quoted the Bible to her"
Synonyms: quote
5.cite - refer to for illustration or proof; "He said he could quote several instances of this behavior"
Synonyms: quote
6.cite - advance evidence for
Synonyms: abduce, adduce
7.cite - call in an official matter, such as to attend court
Synonyms: summon, summons
accuse, address to, adduce, allude to, anatomize, arraign, article, atomize, bid come, book, bring accusation, bring charges, bring to attention, bring to book, bring to notice, call, call attention to, call away, call back, call for, call forth, call in, call out, call to mind, call together, call up, charge, circumstantiate, cite a particular, complain, conjure, conjure up, convene, convoke, count, crown, crown with laurel, decorate, demand, demonstrate, denounce, denunciate, descend to particulars, detail, direct attention to, direct to, do honor, document, enter into detail, enumerate, evoke, example, exemplify, fasten on, fasten upon, finger, focus on, give a for-instance, give full particulars, hang something on, honor, illustrate, impeach, imply, impute, indent, indict, inform against, inform on, insinuate, instance, invoke, itemize, lay, lay charges, lodge a complaint, lodge a plaint, mind, muster, muster up, name, number, offer, order up, page, particularize, pay regard to, pay tribute, pick out, pin on, point at, point out, point to, praise, preconize, prefer charges, present, press charges, put on report, recall, recollect, refer to, remind, reminisce, render honor to, report, reproach, requisition, retain, retrospect, revive, send after, send for, serve, specify, spell out, subpoena, substantiate, summon, summon forth, summon up, summons, take to task, task, taunt with, tax, tell, touch on, twit
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Cistothorus platensis
Cistus albidus
Cistus ladanifer
Cistus ladanum
Citatio ad reassumendam causam
citation form
Citation of authorities
-- Cite --
Citellus citellus
Citellus lateralis
Citellus leucurus
Citellus parryi
Citellus richardsoni
Citellus variegatus
Citharichthys cornutus
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