Pronunciation: kạk
v. t.1.To drive tarred oakum into the seams between the planks of (a ship, boat, etc.), to prevent leaking. The calking is completed by smearing the seams with melted pitch.
[imp. & p. p. Calked ; p. pr. & vb. n. Calking.]
2.To make an indentation in the edge of a metal plate, as along a seam in a steam boiler or an iron ship, to force the edge of the upper plate hard against the lower and so fill the crevice.
1.To copy, as a drawing, by rubbing the back of it with red or black chalk, and then passing a blunt style or needle over the lines, so as to leave a tracing on the paper or other thing against which it is laid or held.
n.1.A sharp-pointed piece of iron or steel projecting downward on the shoe of a horse or an ox, to prevent the animal from slipping; - called also calker, calkin.
2.An instrument with sharp points, worn on the sole of a shoe or boot, to prevent slipping.
3.same as caulk{2}, n..
v. i.1.To furnish with calks, to prevent slipping on ice; as, to calk the shoes of a horse or an ox.
2.To wound with a calk; as when a horse injures a leg or a foot with a calk on one of the other feet.
3.same as caulk{2}, v. t..
Noun1.Calkcalk - a metal cleat on the bottom front of a horseshoe to prevent slipping
Synonyms: calkin
Verb1.calk - provide with calks; "calk horse shoes"
2.calk - seal with caulking; "caulk the window"
Synonyms: caulk
3.calk - injure with a calk
animal husbandry, calkin, furnish, provide, render, supply
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