n.1.The young of the cow, or of the Bovine family of quadrupeds. Also, the young of some other mammals, as of the elephant, rhinoceros, hippopotamus, and whale.
2.Leather made of the skin of the calf; especially, a fine, light-colored leather used in bookbinding; as, to bind books in calf.
3.An awkward or silly boy or young man; any silly person; a dolt.
Some silly, doting, brainless calf.
- Drayton.
4.A small island near a larger; as, the Calf of Man.
5.A small mass of ice set free from the submerged part of a glacier or berg, and rising to the surface.
6.The fleshy hinder part of the leg below the knee.
Calf's-foot jelly
jelly made from the feet of calves. The gelatinous matter of the feet is extracted by boiling, and is flavored with sugar, essences, etc.
Noun1.Calfcalf - young of domestic cattle
2.calf - the muscular back part of the shank
Synonyms: sura
3.calf - fine leather from the skin of a calf
Synonyms: calfskin
4.calf - young of various large placental mammals e.g. whale or giraffe or elephant or buffalo
To see a calf in your dream, signifies that your financial standing will improve and you will enjoy immense pleasure.Brahman, Dry Ice, Indian buffalo, ankle, aurochs, bayonet legs, beef, beef cattle, beeves, berg, birdling, bison, bossy, bovine, bovine animal, bowlegs, buffalo, bull, bullock, carabao, catling, cattle, chick, chickling, chicky, cnemis, colt, cow, critter, cryosphere, cub, dairy cattle, dairy cow, dogie, drumstick, duckling, fawn, firn, fledgling, floe, foal, foreleg, frazil, frozen water, fryer, gamb, gambrel, gigot, glaciation, glacier, glacieret, glaze, glazed frost, gosling, granular snow, ground ice, growler, ham, heifer, hind leg, hock, hornless cow, ice, ice banner, ice barrier, ice belt, ice cave, ice cubes, ice dike, ice field, ice floe, ice foot, ice front, ice island, ice needle, ice pack, ice pinnacle, ice raft, ice sheet, iceberg, icefall, icequake, icicle, jamb, jokul, kid, kine, kit, kitten, knee, lamb, lambkin, leg, leppy, limb, litter, lolly, maverick, milch cow, milcher, milk cow, milker, muley cow, muley head, musk-ox, neat, nest, nestling, neve, nieve penitente, ox, oxen, pack ice, piglet, pigling, podite, polliwog, popliteal space, pullet, pup, puppy, scissor-legs, serac, shank, shelf ice, shin, shoat, sleet, slob, sludge, snow ice, snowberg, steer, stems, stirk, stot, stumps, tadpole, tarsus, trotters, weaner, whelp, wisent, yak, yeanling, yearling, zebu
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