Pronunciation: kāj
1.A box or inclosure, wholly or partly of openwork, in wood or metal, used for confining birds or other animals.
In his cage, like parrot fine and gay.
- Cowper.
2.A place of confinement for malefactors
Stone walls do not a prison make,
Nor iron bars a cage.
- Lovelace.
3.(Carp.) An outer framework of timber, inclosing something within it; as, the cage of a staircase.
4.(Mach.) A skeleton frame to limit the motion of a loose piece, as a ball valve.
5.The box, bucket, or inclosed platform of a lift or elevator; a cagelike structure moving in a shaft.
6.(Mining) The drum on which the rope is wound in a hoisting whim.
7.(Baseball) The catcher's wire mask.
v. i.1.To confine in, or as in, a cage; to shut up or confine.
[imp. & p. p. Caged (kājd); p. pr. & vb. n. Caging.]
Noun1.Cagecage - an enclosure made or wire or metal bars in which birds or animals are kept
Synonyms: coop
2.cage - something that restricts freedom as a cage restricts movement
3.Cage - United States composer of avant-garde music (1912-1992)
4.cage - the net that is the goal in ice hockey
5.cage - a movable screen placed behind home base to catch balls during batting practice
Synonyms: batting cage
Verb1.cage - confine in a cage; "The animal was caged"
Synonyms: cage in
CAGE - Early system on IBM 704. Listed in CACM 2(5):16 (May 1959).
To dream that you are in a cage, denotes that you are experiencing some inhibitions and powerlessness in some areas of your life. You may feel restricted, confined and restrained in a current relationship or business deal. Somebody may be keeping a short leash on you where you are lacking the freedom to act independently. To dream that you are putting a wild animal into a cage, signifies that you will succeed in overcoming your rivals and fears. It is also symbolic of you being able to control you animalistic rages and anger. To see a bird in a cage, suggests that you are feeling limited in your expression and a sudden lost of freedom. You may be experiencing frustrations and an inhibited spirituality. The dream may also imply that you are feeling like a "jail bird".beleaguer, beset, besiege, blockade, bottle up, bound, box in, box up, chamber, check, cloister, close in, compass, confine, constrain, contain, coop, coop in, coop up, cordon, cordon off, cork up, corral, crate, crib, detain, drive, drove, encage, encircle, enclose, enclosure, encompass, enshrine, fence in, goad, hedge in, hell, hem in, herd, hold, hold in custody, hold in restraint, house in, hutch, immure, impound, imprison, in, incarcerate, include, inhibit, jail, keep in, keep in custody, keep in detention, kennel, lash, leaguer, limbo, mew, mew up, pen, pen in, pen up, penfold, pinfold, place of confinement, pocket, pound, prick, punch cattle, purgatory, quarantine, rail in, restrain, restrict, ride herd on, round up, seal up, shackle, shepherd, shrine, shut in, shut up, spur, stable, surround, wall in, whip, wrangle, wrap, yard, yard up
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