a.1.Easily broken; apt to break; fragile; not tough or tenacious<- contrast to flexible; usually hard ->.
Brittle silver ore
the mineral stephanite.
Noun1.brittle - caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets
Synonyms: toffee, toffy
Adj.1.brittle - having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped; "brittle bones"; "glass is brittle"; "`brickle' and `brickly' are dialectal"
Synonyms: brickle, brickly
2.brittle - lacking warmth and generosity of spirit; "a brittle and calculating woman"
3.brittle - (of metal or glass) not annealed and consequently easily cracked or fractured
Synonyms: unannealed
(jargon)brittle - Said of software that is functional but easily broken by changes in operating environment or configuration, or by any minor tweak to the software itself. Also, any system that responds inappropriately and disastrously to abnormal but expected external stimuli; e.g. a file system that is usually totally scrambled by a power failure is said to be brittle. This term is often used to describe the results of a research effort that were never intended to be robust, but it can be applied to commercially developed software, which displays the quality far more often than it ought to.

Opposite of robust.
atrophied, brittle as glass, capricious, changeable, cheap-jack, cobwebby, corruptible, crackable, crispy, crumbly, crump, crushable, dainty, deciduous, delicate, delicately weak, desiccated, dried-up, dying, effeminate, emaciated, ephemeral, evanescent, fading, fickle, fissile, fleeting, flimsy, flitting, fly-by-night, flying, fracturable, frangible, friable, fugacious, fugitive, gimcrack, gimcracky, gossamery, impermanent, impetuous, impulsive, inconstant, insecure, insubstantial, jerry, jerry-built, lacerable, light, lightweight, momentary, mortal, mutable, namby-pamby, nondurable, nonpermanent, papery, parchmenty, passing, pasteboardy, perishable, puny, scissile, sensitive, sere, shatterable, shattery, shivery, short-lived, shriveled, shrunken, sissified, sleazy, slight, tacky, temporal, temporary, transient, transitive, transitory, undurable, unenduring, unstable, unsubstantial, volatile, vulnerable, wasted, weak, wilted, wispy, withered, wizened, womanish, wrinkled
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