Pronunciation: brĕd
v. t.1.To spread.
n.1.An article of food made from flour or meal by moistening, kneading, and baking.
Aërated bread
See under Aërated.
Bread and butter
means of living.
Brown bread
See Brown bread, under Brown.
Bread tree
See Breadfruit.
2.Food; sustenance; support of life, in general.
Give us this day our daily bread.
- Matt. vi. 11
v. t.1.(Cookery) To cover with bread crumbs, preparatory to cooking; as, breaded cutlets.
Noun1.Breadbread - food made from dough of flour or meal and usually raised with yeast or baking powder and then baked
2.Breadbread - informal terms for money
Verb1.bread - cover with bread crumbs; "bread the pork chops before frying them"
To see bread in your dream, represents the basic needs of life. Bread may signify the positive qualities and great things you have learned on your journey of life.Communion, Eucharist, French bread, Holy Communion, Host, Irish soda bread, Italian bread, Last Supper, Sacrament Sunday, TLC, alimentation, alimony, altar bread, black bread, blunt, board, boodle, brass, bread and butter, bread and wine, bread stick, bread stuff, brown bread, bucks, cabbage, care, cash, cheer, chips, chow, coin, comestibles, consecrated bread, consecrated elements, consubstantiation, cracked-wheat bread, creature comfort, crust, cuisine, daily bread, dark bread, dinero, dough, eatables, eats, economic support, edibles, elements, endowment, fare, fast food, feast, feed, food, food and drink, foodstuff, garlic bread, gelt, gilt, graham bread, grease, green, green stuff, greenbacks, grub, health food, impanation, ingesta, intinction, jack, junk food, kale, keep, kitchen stuff, livelihood, living, loaf, loaf of bread, maintenance, manna, matzo, matzoth, mazuma, meat, moolah, mopus, mothering, nourishment, nurture, nut bread, oil of palms, ointment, oof, ooftish, pain, pita, price support, provender, provision, provisions, pumpernickel, raisin bread, real presence, rhino, rocks, rye bread, salt-rising bread, shekels, simoleons, sourbread, sourdough bread, spondulics, spread, staff of life, subpanation, subsidization, subsidy, subsistence, subvention, sugar, support, sustainment, sustenance, sustentation, table, tack, tender loving care, the Holy Sacrament, the Sacrament, the needful, tin, toast, tommy, transubstantiation, tucker, unleavened bread, upkeep, viands, victuals, vittles, wafer, wampum, white bread, whole wheat bread
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