biological science

Noun1.biological sciencebiological science - the science that studies living organisms
Synonyms: biology
abaxial, accretion, actinomorphic, actinomorphous, activator, adaxial, adnate, affinity, allopatric, analogous, anisogamy, antrorse, apposition, astomatous, astrobiology, attached, bacillar, bacillary, basophilic, bilaterally symmetrical, binuclear, binucleate, binucleated, biogeography, biologist, biology, bionomic, bionomical, bionomics, bioscience, botany, brachium, caducous, cataplasia, cell, cell doctrine, cell theory, cellular, cenogenetic, class, coarctation, commensal, conjugate, connate, cryobiology, culture, cybernetics, cytology, decomposition, dehiscence, development, differentiation, dimorphism, diurnal, division, dorsal, ecologic, ecological, ecology, elan vital, embryology, enucleate, environmental science, evolution, exobiology, extracellular, facultative, family, female, forestry, form, form family, form genus, generic, genetic science, genetics, genus, growing, growth, heterologic, heterological, heterologous, heterology, homogeny, homologous, in vivo, intercellular, intracellular, intussusception, isogamy, isomorphic, isomorphism, isomorphous, isomorphy, katharobic, lasting, life force, life science, life scientist, male, maturation, medium, meme, mental, microbiology, molecular biology, mononuclear, mononucleate, monotype, monotypic, morphology, mouthless, multiparous, mutant, mutation, neurobiology, nocturnal, nonterritorial, nuclear, nucleate, nucleated, obligate, ontogenesis, ontogeny, order, organic phenomenon, palaeobiology, paleobiology, palingenetic, pedunculate, persistent, phylogenesis, phylogenetic relation, phylogeny, phylum, physiology, phytology, pleomorphism, polydactyl, polydactylous, polymorphic, polymorphism, polymorphous, propagate, putrefaction, race, radiobiology, recognition, regeneration, retrorse, rot, rotting, saprobic, sessile, shed, sociobiology, space biology, specialisation, specialization, species, spindle, sport, stalked, stalkless, stomatous, strain, subclass, subfamily, subgenus, subkingdom, suborder, subphylum, subspecies, superclass, superfamily, superorder, superphylum, symbiotically, sympatric, taxonomic, taxonomical, taxonomy, territorial, theory of evolution, theory of inheritance, theory of organic evolution, transform, tribe, trinuclear, trinucleate, trinucleated, turgor, type, type genus, type species, uncus, uniparous, urceolate, valence, valency, var., variant, variation, variety, vegetate, ventral, vital force, vitality, zoological science, zoology, zygomorphic, zygomorphous
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