n.1.a self-propelled vehicle used for transporting passengers, suitable for use on a street or roadway. Many diferent models of automobiles have beenbuilt and sold commercially, possessing varied features such as a retractable roof (in a convertible), different braking systems, different propulsion systems, and varied styling. Most models have four wheels but some have been built with three wheels. Automobiles are usually propelled by internal combustion engines (using volatile inflammable liquids, as gasoline or petrol, alcohol, naphtha, etc.), and sometimes by steam engines, or electric motors. The power of the driving motor varies from under 50 H. P. for earlier models to over 200 H. P. larger models or high-performance sports or racing cars. An automobile is commonly called a car or an auto, and generally in British usage, motor cars.
v. i.1.to travel in an automobile.
Noun1.Automobileautomobile - 4-wheeled motor vehicle; usually propelled by an internal combustion engine; "he needs a car to get to work"
Synonyms: auto, car, motorcar, machine
Verb1.automobile - travel in an automobile
To dream that you are riding in an automobile, signifies that even in pleasant situations, you will still be restless and uneasy. To dream that you nearly escape from the impact of an automobile, denotes that you will successfully overcome any rivalry. *Please Also See Car.PCV valve, accelerator, alternator, ambulance, ammeter, armored car, autocar, beach buggy, bearings, berlin, boat, bonnet, boot, brake, brougham, bucket seat, buggy, bumper, bus, cabriolet, camper, camshaft, car, carburetor, carryall, chassis, choke, clutch, coach, combat car, command car, connecting rod, convertible, convertible coupe, convertible sedan, convertible top, coupe, cowl, crank, crankcase, crankshaft, crate, cutout, cylinder, cylinder head, dash, dashboard, differential, distributor, double fueler, dragster, exhaust, exhaust pipe, fan, fastback, fender, fire engine, flywheel, fueler, gear, gearbox, gearshift, generator, gocart, golf cart, headlight, headrest, heap, hearse, hood, horn, hot rod, hovercar, ignition, intake, jalopy, jeep, landau, limousine, machine, manifold, motor, motor vehicle, motorcar, motorized vehicle, muffler, parking light, phaeton, piston, power brakes, power steering, race car, racer, racing car, radiator, rail, rear-view mirror, roadster, rocket car, runabout, saloon, seat belt, sedan, sedan limousine, shock absorber, spark plug, speedometer, sports car, springs, staff car, starter, station wagon, steamer, steering wheel, top, torpedo, tourer, touring coupe, tractor, transmission, tub, two-seater, universal, valve, voiture, wheels, windscreen, windshield, wreck, wrecker
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