Ad`vance´ment   Pronunciation: ăd`våns´ment
n.1.The act of advancing, or the state of being advanced; progression; improvement; furtherance; promotion to a higher place or dignity; as, the advancement of learning.
In heaven . . . every one (so well they love each other) rejoiceth and hath his part in each other's advancement.
- Sir T. More.
2.An advance of money or value; payment in advance. See Advance, 5.
3.(Law) Property given, usually by a parent to a child, in advance of a future distribution.
4.Settlement on a wife, or jointure.
Noun1.advancement - encouragement of the progress or growth or acceptance of something
2.advancement - the act of moving forward toward a goal
3.advancement - gradual improvement or growth or development; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts"
Synonyms: progress

ADVANCEMENT. That which is given by a father to his child or presumptive heir, by anticipation of what he might inherit. 6 Watts, R. 87; 17 Mass. R. 358; 16 Mass. R. 200; 4 S. & R. 333; 11 John. R. 91; Wright, R. 339. See also Coop Just. 515, 575; 1 Tho. Co. Lit. 835, 6; 3 Do. 345, 348; Toll. 301; 5 Vez. 721; 2 Rob. on Wills, 128; Wash. C. C. Rep. 225; 4 S. & R. 333; 1 S. & R. 312; 3 Conn. Rep. 31; and post Collatio bonorum.
     2. To constitute an advancement by the law of England, the gift must be made by the father and not by another, not even by the mother. 2 P. Wms. 856. In Pennsylvania a gift of real or personal estate by the father or mother may be an advancement. 1 S. & R. 427; Act 19 April 1794, Sec. 9; Act 8 April, 1833, Sec. 16. There are in the statute laws of the several states provisions relative to real and personal estates, similar in most respects to those which exist in the English statute of distribution, concerning an advancement to a child. If any child of the intestate has been advanced by him by settlement, either out of the real or personal estate, or both, equal or superior to the amount in value of the share of such child which would be due from the real and personal estate, if no such advancement had been made, then such child and his descendants, are excluded from any share in the real or personal estate of the intestate.
     3. But if the advancement be not equal, then such child, and in case of his death, his descendants, are entitled to receive, from the real and personal estate, sufficient to make up the deficiency, and no more.
     4. The advancement, is either express or implied. As to what is an implied advancement, see 2 Fonb. Eq. 121; 1 Supp. to Ves. Jr. 84; 2 lb. 57; 1 Vern. by Raithby, 88, 108, 216; 5 Ves. 421; Bac. Ab. h.t.; 4 Kent, Com. 173.
     5. A debt due by a child to his father differs from an advancement. In case of a debt, the money due may be recovered by action for the use of the estate, whether any other property be left by the deceased or not; whereas, an advancement merely bars the child's right to receive any part of his father's estate, unless he brings into hotch pot[?] the property advanced. 17 Mass. R. 93, 359. See, generally, 17 Mass. R. 81, 356; 4 Pick. R. 21; 4 Mass. R. 680; 8 Mass. R. 143; 10. Mass. R. 437; 5 Pick. R. 527; 7 Conn. R. 1; 6 Conn. R. 355; 5 Paige's R. 318; 6 Watts' R. 86, 254, 309; 2 Yerg. R. 135; 3 Yerg. R. 95; Bac. Ab. Trusts, D; Math. on Pres. 59; 5 Hayw. 137; 11 John. 91; l Swanst. 13; 1 Ch. Cas. 58; 3 Conn. 31; 15 Ves. 43, 50; U. S. Dig. h.t.; 6 Whart. 370; 4 S. & R. 333; 4 Whart. 130, 540; 5 Watts, 9; 1 Watts & Serg. 390; 10 Watts, R. 158; 5 Rawle, 213; 5 Watts, 9, 80; 6 Watts & Serg. 203. The law of France in respect to advancements is stated at length in Morl. Rep. de Jurisp. Rapport a succession.

To dream that you are advancing any some situation, signifies your rapid rise to success and honour. Affairs of the heart will also be in your favour. To see others advancing ahead of you, denotes that friends will hold important and favourable positions.Great Leap Forward, accomplishment, advance, advancing, aggrandizement, amelioration, amendment, amplification, anabasis, ascent, bettering, betterment, blossoming, boost, career, course, development, developmental change, dignification, elaboration, elevation, enhancement, enlargement, ennoblement, enrichment, eugenics, euthenics, evolution, evolutionary change, evolvement, evolving, exaltation, expansion, expediting, expedition, explication, facilitation, flowering, forward motion, forwardal, forwarding, furtherance, furthering, go-ahead, gradual change, graduation, growth, headway, helping along, improvement, knighting, lend-lease, lending, lending at interest, lift, loan-sharking, loaning, magnification, march, maturation, melioration, mend, mending, moneylending, natural development, natural growth, nonviolent change, ongoing, onward course, passage, passing, pay raise, pickup, preference, preferential treatment, preferment, proficiency, progress, progression, progressiveness, promotion, raise, raising, recovery, restoration, revival, ripening, rise, rolling, rolling on, rushing, shylocking, special treatment, speeding, travel, upbeat, upgrading, uplift, uplifting, upping, upswing, uptrend, upward mobility, usury, way
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