Pronunciation: vạlt; see Note, below
1.(Arch.) An arched structure of masonry, forming a ceiling or canopy.
The long-drawn aisle and fretted vault.
- Gray.
2.An arched apartment; especially, a subterranean room, used for storing articles, for a prison, for interment, or the like; a cell; a cellar.
The silent vaults of death.
- Sandys.
To banish rats that haunt our vault.
- Swift.
3.The canopy of heaven; the sky.
That heaven's vault should crack.
- Shak.
4.(Man.) A leap or bound.
Barrel vault
(Arch.) a kind of vault having two parallel abutments, and the same section or profile at all points. It may be rampant, as over a staircase (see Rampant vault, under Rampant), or curved in plan, as around the apse of a church.
Coved vault
(Arch.) See under 1st Cove, v. t.
Groined vault
(Arch.) a vault having groins, that is, one in which different cylindrical surfaces intersect one another, as distinguished from a barrel, or wagon, vault.
Rampant vault
(Arch.) See under Rampant.
Ribbed vault
(Arch.) a vault differing from others in having solid ribs which bear the weight of the vaulted surface. True Gothic vaults are of this character.
Vault light
a partly glazed plate inserted in a pavement or ceiling to admit light to a vault below.
v. t.1.
[imp. & p. p. Vaulted; p. pr. & vb. n. Vaulting.]
1.To form with a vault, or to cover with a vault; to give the shape of an arch to; to arch; as, to vault a roof; to vault a passage to a court.
2.To leap over; esp., to leap over by aid of the hands or a pole; as, to vault a fence.
I will vault credit, and affect high pleasures.
- Webster (1623).
v. i.1.
1.To leap; to bound; to jump; to spring.
2.To exhibit feats of tumbling or leaping; to tumble.
Noun1.Vaultvault - a burial chamber (usually underground)
Synonyms: burial vault
2.Vaultvault - a strongroom or compartment (often made of steel) for safekeeping of valuables
Synonyms: bank vault
3.vault - an arched brick or stone ceiling or roof
4.vault - the act of jumping over an obstacle
Synonyms: hurdle
Verb1.vault - jump across or leap over (an obstacle)
Synonyms: overleap
2.vault - bound vigorously
To see a vault in your dream, forewarns that you should guard your own wealth against those who may steal or cheat. Symbolically, vaults represent your inner storehouse of psychological potential. You are at a time where you need to start using your inner reserves of skill an energy and quit continuing to lock and store them away. To see an open vault, forewarns that you should not flaunt your wealth to everyone. To see a burial vault in your dream, signifies a personal sadness and/or loss of someone close to you.Caelus, Fort Knox, Highland fling, air, anabasis, and jump, apse, arcade, arcature, arch, arched roof, archives, archway, armory, arsenal, ascend, ascension, ascent, attic, azure, bank, barrow, basement, bay, beehive tomb, bend, bend back, bin, blue sky, bob up, bonded warehouse, bone house, bookcase, booth, bounce, bow, box, box grave, break water, broad jump, buck, buckjump, bunker, burial, burial chamber, burial mound, bursary, buttery, caelum, camber, canopy, canopy of heaven, capriole, cargo dock, cash register, cashbox, catacombs, cavity, ceilinged roof, cell, cellar, cellule, cenotaph, cerulean, chamber, charnel house, chest, cist, cist grave, clamber, clear, climb, climbing, closet, coffer, coin box, compartment, concameration, concha, conservatory, cope, cove, crate, crib, cromlech, crook, cupboard, cupola, curl, curve, curvet, decurve, deep six, deflect, demivolt, depository, depot, dock, dokhma, dolmen, dome, drawer, dump, elevation, embow, empyrean, enclosed space, escalade, ether, exchequer, firmament, fisc, flex, float up, fly up, flying jump, fountain, galliard, gelandesprung, geodesic dome, glory hole, godown, gold depository, grand jete, gush, gyring up, handspring, heaven, heavens, high jump, hippety-hop, hold, hole, hollow, hook, house of death, hump, hunch, hurdle, hutch, hyaline, igloo, increase, incurvate, incurve, inflect, jet, jete, jig, jump over, jump shot, jump turn, jump up, jump-hop, jump-off, keystone, last home, lavolta, leap over, leap up, leapfrog, levitation, library, lift, lifts, locker, long home, long jump, loop, lop, low green tent, low house, lumber room, lumberyard, magasin, magazine, manger, mastaba, mausoleum, money chest, monstrance, morris, mount, mounting, mummy chamber, narrow house, negotiate, ogive, ossuarium, ossuary, over, overjump, overleap, overskip, passage grave, penny bank, pew, piggy bank, pit, pole vault, pop up, pork barrel, pounce, pounce on, pounce upon, public crib, public till, public treasury, public trough, pyramid, rack, recurve, reflect, reflex, reliquary, repertory, repository, reservoir, resting place, retroflex, rick, rise, rising, rocket, rocketing up, round, running broad jump, running high jump, safe-deposit box, sag, saltation, saut de basque, shaft grave, shelf, shoot up, shooting up, shrine, skewback, ski jump, skip, sky, skyrocket, soar, soaring, span, spout, spring up, spurt, stack, stack room, stall, starry heaven, start aside, start up, steeplechase, stock room, storage, store, storehouse, storeroom, strong room, strongbox, stupa, subtreasury, supply base, supply depot, surface, surge, surmount, swag, sweep, takeoff, taking off, tank, the blue, the blue serene, till, tope, tour jete, tower of silence, treasure house, treasure room, treasure-house, treasury, tumulus, turn, upclimb, upcoming, updive, updraft, upgang, upgo, upgoing, upgrade, upgrowth, uphill, upleap, uplift, upping, uprisal, uprise, uprising, uprush, upshoot, upslope, upspear, upspring, upstart, upsurge, upsurgence, upsweep, upswing, vat, vault of heaven, vault up, vaulting, voussoir, warehouse, welkin, wind, wine cellar, zooming
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