Secretary of the Navy

Noun1.Secretary of the NavySecretary of the Navy - head of a former executive department; combined with the War Secretary to form the Defense Secretary in 1947
Synonyms: Navy Secretary

SECRETARY OF THE NAVY, government. This officer is appointed by the president. His duties are to execute all such orders as he shall receive from the president, relative to the procurement of naval stores and materials, and the construction, armament, equipment and employment of vessels of war; as well as all other matters connected with the naval establishment of the United States; act of 30th April, 1798, s. 1, 1 Story's Laws, 498; he appoints his own clerks and subordinate officers. Various other duties are imposed upon him by sundry acts of congress. Vide Gordon's Dig. art. 370 to 375.
     2. His salary is six thousand dollars. Act of 20th Feb. 1819, 3 Story's Laws, 1720.

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