v. t.1.To lop or cut off the superfluous parts, branches, or shoots of; to clear of useless material; to shape or smooth by trimming; to trim: as, to prune trees; to prune an essay.
[imp. & p. p. Pruned ; p. pr. & vb. n. Pruning.]
2.To cut off or cut out, as useless parts.
3.To preen; to prepare; to dress.
v. i.1.To dress; to prink; -used humorously or in contempt.
n.1.A plum; esp., a dried plum, used in cookery; as, French or Turkish prunes; California prunes.
German prune
(Bot.) a large dark purple plum, of oval shape, often one-sided. It is much used for preserving, either dried or in sirup.
Prune tree
a - (Bot.) A tree of the genus Prunus (Prunus domestica), which produces prunes.
b - The West Indian tree, Prunus occidentalis.
South African prune
(Bot.) the edible fruit of a sapindaceous tree (Pappea Capensis).
Noun1.Pruneprune - dried plum
Verb1.prune - cultivate, tend, and cut back the growth of; "dress the plants in the garden"
Synonyms: lop, snip, cut back, clip, crop, trim, dress
2.prune - weed out unwanted or unnecessary things; "We had to lose weight, so we cut the sugar from our diet"
To dream that you are pruning, represents growth. You need to get rid and cut away at your old habits and former ways. Get rid of what you no longer need.abbreviate, abridge, abscind, abstract, amputate, annihilate, ax, backset, ban, bar, bisect, blockhead, bob, boil down, brash, butcher, capsulize, carve, chop, chump, cleave, clip, compress, condense, contract, crop, cull, cultivate, culture, curtail, cut, cut away, cut back, cut down, cut in two, cut off, cut off short, cut out, cut short, delve, dichotomize, dig, dimwit, dissever, dock, dolt, dope, dress, dumbbell, elide, eliminate, enucleate, epitomize, eradicate, except, excise, exclude, extinguish, extirpate, fallow, fertilize, fissure, force, foreshorten, gash, hack, halve, harrow, hew, hoe, idiot, ignoramus, incise, isolate, jigsaw, knock off, lance, list, lop, moron, mow, mulch, mutilate, nip, pare, peel, pick out, plow, poll, pollard, rake, reap, recap, recapitulate, reduce, rend, retrench, rive, root out, rule out, saw, scissor, set apart, set aside, sever, shave, shear, shorten, skive, slash, slice, slit, snip, snub, spade, split, stamp out, strike off, strip, strip off, stunt, sum up, summarize, sunder, synopsize, take in, take off, take out, tear, telescope, thin, thin out, till, till the soil, trim, truncate, weed, weed out, whittle, wipe out, work
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