Prairie State

Prai´rie State
1.Illinois; - a nickname.
Noun1.Prairie State - a Midwest state in north-central United States
American state, Cairo, capital of Illinois, Carbondale, Champaign, Chicago, Decatur, East Saint Louis, IL, Illinois, Illinois River, Land of Lincoln, Little Wabash, Little Wabash River, Middle West, Midwest, Moline, Peoria, Rock Island, Rockford, Springfield, Urbana, Windy City
prairie marmot
prairie mimosa
Prairie mole
prairie orchid
Prairie pigeon
prairie rattler
prairie rattlesnake
prairie rocket
prairie sage
prairie sagewort
prairie schooner
prairie smoke
Prairie snake
prairie soil
Prairie squirrel
prairie star
-- Prairie State --
prairie sunflower
prairie trefoil
prairie trillium
Prairie turnip
prairie vole
prairie wagon
prairie wake-robin
Prairie warbler
prairie white-fringed orchid
prairie white-fringed orchis
prairie willow
prairie wolf
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