Nulius filius

NULIUS FILIUS. The son of no one; a bastard.
     2. A bastard is considered nullius filius as far as regards his right inherit. But the rule of nullius filius does not apply in other respects.
     3. The mother of a bastard, during its age of nurture, is entitled to the custody of her child, and is bound to maintain it. 6 S. & R. 255; 2 John. R. 375; 15 John. R. 208; 2 Mass. R. 109; 12 Mass. R. 387, 433; 1 New Rep. 148; sed vide 5 East, 224 n.
     4. The putative father, too, is entitled to the custody of the child as against all but the mother. 1, Ashm. 55. And, it seems, that the putative father may maintain an action, as if his child were legitimate, for marrying him without his consent, contrary. to law. Addis. 212. See Bastard; Child; Father; Mother;, Putative Father.

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